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What we do

As the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Big Data and Cloud drive more and more data processing requirements it is predicted that by 2020 there will 50 Zettabytes of data generated by more than 25 billion connected devices. By 2040 it has been calculated that to process the world’s data requirements using today’s infrastructure would consume all the energy in the world. We all know that’s not possible so the community needs to continously innovate at every level of the data center stack.

From software-defined architectures to hyper-convergence, open-source, web scale and disaggregation, models to deal with the challenge are proliferating. On-premise data centers, hybrid and private cloud deployments are becoming more complex and as the two worlds of physical infrastructure and logical architecture collide a more holistic approach to the full data center eco-system is required. With scale comes not only more complexity but also risk.

All these factors are forcing decision-making units in the world’s most IT reliant organizations to constantly rethink their data center strategies to deal with ever-growing workloads and capacity demands. Data center purchasing decisions require the planning, participation and buy-in of a new eco-system of stakeholders, which we call Converged Decision Making, where every decision has rippling and cascading impact and every challenge requires greater speed and agility.

At DatacenterDynamics we believe that content is king and by creating the best knowledge and networking opportunities for these senior executives and their teams – the world-over - we can expose them to new ideas and the latest innovations which will help them make more informed and quicker decisions on what products and services they need.

With millions of interactions across the DatacenterDynamics media and events portfolio, we make things happen that would not happen by themselves, we help big ideas spread, we connect the dots. That way we can help you create a better world.