“Thanks to DCD for its outstanding contribution to China’s data center industry over the past 7 years. We believe that DCD will bring more innovative ideas and drivers to the data center industry with their expansion into the field of large-scale infrastructure, from data center to cloud, and from IT infrastructure to digital business infrastructure in China.”

Haifeng Qu, Alibaba  Group

“DCD has opened a window to the world for all the players in data center, data cloud, big data, and convergence media end user. In a DCD conference, you can not only find the most leading technologies and products, but also the mature full line-up solution practices as well as the development mode to grow with clients. We wish that DCD will get better and better and believe

that DCD will provide a better platform and consulting services for clients to network and communicate with each other.”

Jian Zhao, Shanghai Media Group

“It is a very good event which provides very good insight and wide coverage of the data center. It is a great opportunity for attendees to learn from their peers and gain knowledge around industry trends. It deep dives into the choice of selections of data centers which is very useful.”

Jenny Gui, The Royal Bank of Scotland ( China) Co Ltd

“This was my first time attending this event after I transferred to Shanghai from the US. I found although it still has room to improve, the content of this event was relevant and informative. I consider overall it was an even better conference than DCD New York. I highly recommend this conference to all ICT practitioners who work in DC related fields or would like to stay current with the DC trends.”

Henry Yiin, Syska Hennessy Group, China

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