The Greater Toronto Area is the fifth most populous metro market in North America and is Canada’s business and financial capital; five of the country’s largest financial institutions call Toronto home for their headquarter operations.  Data centers located in the GTA serve users from Newfoundland to the East and Vancouver to the West, 5.5 time zones away.  Increasingly, because of “data sovereignty”, security and privacy, both Canadian and international interests seek to store and manage their data in Canada.  It’s no surprise then that Toronto and its neighboring cities, together known as the “Golden Horseshoe,” comprise a prolific, high-value data center regional cluster and sought-after location for new data center builds.  A report published by DatacenterDynamics (DCD) Intelligence research draws on data from its global data center census for a special analytical report to statistically paint the picture as to how influential this region’s data center sector is to the global industry.  This event celebrates the growth and achievements of one of the most dynamic data center industry markets on the planet.