Soeren Brogaard Jensen

Vice President Solution Software
Schneider Electric

Soeren Jensen is the Vice President of Enterprise Management and Software, the group behind the Schneider Electric Data Center Mana gement Suite which enables data center ope rators to manage the entire lifecycle of the data center from planning, design through operations to decom missioning.

Soeren Jensen leads a team of world-class developers, engineers, business ma nagers and industry experts each focused on bringing an innovative and customer oriented solution to market. Through his personal and value based leadership Soeren Jensen brings the best out of each individual and at the same time manages to build a strong team culture founded in performance, diversity and state of the art management principles.

Soeren Jensen holds, besides a Graduate Diploma in International Marketing, a Master Degree in Concept Making from 180 Academy. Together with this, his drive and holistic appr oach enables him to apply innovative, customer-oriented pr inciples in all stages of the value chain.

Soeren Jensen joined APC in January 1997 as a Marketing Research Analyst for the large three-phase Silcon UPS systems. From mid 1999 through to 2002 Soeren Jensen worked in North America serving as a program manager for APC Design and Configuration Systems supporting the AP C Configure-To-Order process and services for the data center space. Soeren Jensen has been instrumental in creating and enhancing the value of the APC onfigure-To-Order, Design and Configuration platforms through innovation in software technology. Soeren Jensen is heavily involved with the planning, development and launch of StruxureWare for Data Cen ters, Schneider Electric’s Solution for the Net work Critical Physical Infrastructure.