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Mar 17 2015

The Future of Data Center Cabling: Base-2, Base-8, Base-12 and Base-24 Cabling

David Kozischek, Market Manager, Enterprise Networks, Corning Optical Communications

Networks continue to evolve and grow. Next-generation data centers will migrate to higher speeds like 40G, 100G and 400G. As data centers grow and migrate to higher speeds the structured cabling system becomes a key component that influences the design and functionality of all the other components in the data center. This presentation analyzes and discusses cabling options to determine the best solution for today’s networks and the networks of tomorrow.

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The 3 C’s to Riding Out the IoT Wave: Capacity, Control and Collection

Peter Gilbert, VP, Strategy, Infrastructure Management , CA Technologies Robert Agar, VP, Enterprise Mission Critical Facilities Services, Eaton William Dougherty, CTO, RagingWire

The IoT wave is predicted to deliver 30 billion new connected devices. That’s a lot of new data fighting for capacity with existing enterprise systems. How will you process IoT data points based on business needs? Will you need to deploy a more forward-looking capacity management platform?  Should it include a DCIM to align IT and operations?  Ride the wave. 

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The Industrialization of the Data Center: Setting the New Standard

Glenn Wishnew, Product Manager, Rittal

The IT space has matured, yet, standardization is still hard to come by. The core group of products – Termination, Network, Server/Storage share much in common. The process, however; is still unique for each site, leading to inefficiencies while hand-picking each component. Leaving the basic system approach behind, the Industrialization of the Data Center moves beyond selecting individual components, resulting in a comprehensive solution and incorporating products into one deliverable.

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Enterprise Users Have a Stake in Fixing the Network Edge Traffic Jam for CDN and Cloud Apps

Gabe Cole, Chair, Data Center Standards, Open-IX

As the demand for streaming content and cloud apps grows, meeting the demand for efficient, economic transfer of data traffic among disparate networks is a challenge. North American markets don’t benefit from the consistency and efficiency enjoyed across European exchanges. Open-IX develops and promotes open, level playing field IXP standards for data centers and peering points to support better, more ubiquitous Internet exchanges.

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