Brad Christensen

Managing Director, PowerFolio3D
Noble Americas

As Managing Director of Portfolio Products, Brad Christensen is responsible for overseeing the development, management and delivery of Noble Energy Solutions’ PowerFolio Risk Mitigation products and services.  Prior to joining Noble Energy Solutions in 2009, he served as Sr. Vice President of financial commodity products at Wells Fargo N.A., responsible for developing and implementing financially settled products for Wells Fargo’s large corporate banking customers.  Prior to Wells Fargo, Mr. Christensen served as Vice President of New Product development at Constellation Energy where he was named as a co-patent holder for a risk management platform and methodology.  He also served as a program director at FMC Franklen Equipment and designed flow control and measurement instrumentation for the liquid petroleum industry. Mr. Christensen began his energy career with Dynegy Energy Services in 1999.  Mr. Christensen holds a B.S. degree in International Marketing from Northwestern College.  Mr. Christensen has been a frequent speaker and presenter on the topic of commodity risk management.