William Lintner

Federal Energy Management Program
U.S. Department of Energy

Mr. Lintner is the Department of Energy's project manager for the Laboratories for the 21st Century Program. He has been the project manager since the inception of Labs21. With EPA's managers, he has guided Labs21 through a period of rapid growth to become an exemplary model of pubic/private sector cooperation and the premier organization dedicated to applying sustainable principles to laboratories.

Mr. Lintner has championed sustainable best practices, primarily energy efficiency, for over 25 years, first with the Department of the Navy and more recently with DOE. In 2000, he was recognized for his contributions to reducing the DOE's operating costs by over $100 million per year through investments in energy efficiency retrofit projects. More recently, he has lead initiatives to spur facility managers to adopt best practices in their operations. Through these efforts, sustainable design and re-commissioning of buildings have become standard practices and the DOE has come to lead the federal government.