Julius Neudorfer

CTO & Founder
North American Access Technologies

Julius Neudorfer is the CTO and founder of North American Access Technologies, Inc. (NAAT).

Based in Westchester NY, NAAT’s clients include Fortune 500 firms and government agencies.

NAAT has been designing and implementing Data Center Infrastructure and related technology

projects for the last 25 years.

Julius is a member of AFCOM, ASHRAE, BICSI, IEEE and The Green Grid. He is a Master

Instructor for the DC-Professional Development program, as well as for the US Department of

Energy “Data Center Energy Practitioner” “DCEP” program. Julius is the primary author of the

DC-Pro Cooling Professional course. He developed and holds a US patent for a high efficiency

cooling system for rack mounted computer equipment.

He writes the “Hot Aisle Insight” blog, and has also written numerous articles and whitepapers

for various IT and Data Center publications and has presented seminars and webinars on data

center power, cooling and energy efficiency.