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Nov 18 2015

Opening Plenary Keynote: The Transformation from Vendor-led to Open-based, Disaggregated, Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

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Senior-most executives from leading open-source organisations reveal the profound implications of the changing game (and business). These experts GPS-locate us on the roadmap from vendor-driven, closed, proprietary, monolithic technology to open-sourced, knowledge-community-designed, distributed technology. Why is this important? Cost, transparency, efficiency, agility, speed, performance, and resilience. These expert crowd-sourced innovation engines are rewriting the rulebooks and the economics for the provision of data center and cloud technology services

Roundtable: Human resources and the data center

How does the industy deal will a skills gap? How are skills gaps even defined in such a fast-paced industry? The mission of this triple session (2h00) is to help human resources professionals understand how they can better manage the personnel pressures of facilities and IT operations departments.

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Morning coffee and networking in the Expo with rapid-fire 15 minute presentations on the Solution Stages

Roundtable: DevOps and the data center

Adopting the DevOps movement in your IT department can mean faster delivery, more collaboration between teams and better processes overall. These benefits extend both to cloud businesses and traditional enterprise data centers. What are the challenges to adoption?

Lunch Briefing: Singtel – Essential Insights for your Data Center Investment in Asia

WaiMun Heng, Head of Hosting and Cloud Services Business Products, Group Enterprise, Singtel

Are you looking to expand your business in Asia? What are the intricacies of expanding into Asia? Learn more about the data center landscape in this region as we examine the latest developments, regulations and growth areas here. We take a closer look at the advantages, challenges and opportunities of operating in key Asian countries – and why Singapore and Hong Kong, the 2 leading business-friendly hubs, can offer the best options as a base for your regional operations. Discover the ICT capabilities that will help you springboard into the region.

This session is by invitation only

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Lunch and networking in the Expo with rapid-fire 15 minute presentations on the Solution Stages

Roundtable: Marketing analytics and the data Center

As marketing organisations morph into technology departments what are the repercussions in terms of IT sourcing and digital strategy? When does big data become too big for in-house IT departments to handle? And how big a burden on budgets is shadow IT? 

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All-Conference Keynote: Exploring the true virtual data center - converged, software-defined

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Advanced “third-platform” hyperscale data centers are evolving to consolidating and software defining the full IT stack. This converged SDN, SDS, SDC transformation cuts capital cost, improves utilization of the full infrastructure stack and delivers significant business value, not only in optimizing IT resources but by advancing the competitive nimbleness of the enterprise.

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