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Nov 18 2015

Opening Plenary Keynote: The Transformation from Vendor-led to Open-based, Disaggregated, Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

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Senior-most executives from leading open-source organisations reveal the profound implications of the changing game (and business). These experts GPS-locate us on the roadmap from vendor-driven, closed, proprietary, monolithic technology to open-sourced, knowledge-community-designed, distributed technology. Why is this important? Cost, transparency, efficiency, agility, speed, performance, and resilience. These expert crowd-sourced innovation engines are rewriting the rulebooks and the economics for the provision of data center and cloud technology services

Challenging public cloud Economics

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The cost-per-mW in the delivery of hybrid cloud capacity, by applying open-source  principles in the design, build and delivery of data centers, can reach a point to challenge the per-mW costs that public cloud providers are achieving. This panel discusses how that’s possible.



Morning coffee and networking in the Expo with rapid-fire 15 minute presentations on the Solution Stages

“Sensorfication” and the industrial IoT in the data center

Finally all the pieces are in place and ready to instrument, sense and monitor the data center the way it should be, from the external microgrid to the IT and network load. Who's now doing it, and what's it look like? What's missing? Does this by-pass the mire of DCIM, or does it make it even more relevant? Discuss.

What’s your cloud-ability

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Issues of interoperability, compatibility, and portability perpetually challenge IT shops everywhere and unnecessarily delay the move towards the true, software-defined, data-driven data center. The session focuses on how "open" interfaces help to solve this problem. 

Adopting Open Compute: The Fidelity Investments & Goldman Sachs enterprise experience

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The Open Compute Project offers a tremendous value proposition for enterprises of all types and sizes. Goldman Sachs and Fidelity Investments have been involved with Open Compute since its inception in 2011 where both companies continuing to design & deploy Open Compute based solutions.  As a result the two companies have gained great insights through their participation in the Open Compute community and will share their experiences over the years.

Lunch and networking in the Expo with rapid-fire 15 minute presentations on the Solution Stages

All-Conference Keynote: Exploring the true virtual data center - converged, software-defined

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Advanced “third-platform” hyperscale data centers are evolving to consolidating and software defining the full IT stack. This converged SDN, SDS, SDC transformation cuts capital cost, improves utilization of the full infrastructure stack and delivers significant business value, not only in optimizing IT resources but by advancing the competitive nimbleness of the enterprise.

Designing the whole eco-system, data-driven data center

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In order to build truly data-driven data centers the whole stack must be connected.  To orchestrate your workload in real-time, the “North-bound” IT stack and “South-bound” facilities stack, traffic must be able to integrate, communicate and automate. Getting there, however, is a journey. This panel shares their own “open” journey of discovery and opines on where they think the industry is headed. 

Ready for Open Infrastructure? What we’ve learned so far…

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IT pros representing different industries reveal learning's from implementing open-infrastructure solutions and provide insights for shops evaluating it. To be discussed: a) defining open infrastructure, b) when/why to consider; c) implications of open infrastructure and likely impacts on existing IT processes, resources; d) new skills requirements; e) impact of open on the current I&O management model; f) serviceability; g) financial considerations, planning  and understanding.

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