Chris Tolson

Client CTO
NTT Communications

For the last 12 years Chris was the Chief Platform Architect at bet365 (the world’s largest online SportsBook operator) building and running the IT teams supporting an internally designed and delivered IT service. During his tenure at the helm Chris oversaw the company from start up to mature operator running a multi-lingual, geo-located and elastic IT service capable of supporting the £20Bn turnover.


The ethos at bet365 was to go into the difficult markets and tackle the hard to solve problems such as in-play betting, efficient\fast delivery of data (to customers) and partial settlement (often referred to as Cash Out) because these would ultimately excite and encourage customers to come and stay, bet365’s competitors would often follow a number of months later. To support this aggressive and ambitious product development the IT services needed to be both agile and responsive to complex and high concurrency requirements. To this end bet365 needed agile datacentre partners to achieve the growth and global footprint required to deliver its services.


Chris is now working as the Client CTO for NTT Europe, leveraging his 20 years of IT experience to provide innovative and market leading services to its customers