David Leyland

Head Of Architecture Data Centre and Cloud
Dimension Data

David Leyland started his career in IT when he joined Digital Equipment as a systems engineer. In his 12 year tenure he ran their merchant storage business in Northern Europe and Africa. Leyland left Digital Equipment to start his own company, Sagitta Performance Systems, who were well known for the creation and management of complex, secure automated data centre solutions. Sagitta created the VIPER system, which is a high performance video-based identity parade system still used by many of the UK’s police forces. It was this system that provided an insight into the challenges of providing complex, secure, remotely managed systems from a centralised facility – a “Private Cloud” in current parlance. Sagitta was bought by Glasshouse Technologies and here Leyland worked on a number of large-scale infrastructural transformations with customers, moving into both operation and provision of hybrid cloud solutions. Leyland now heads up the Data Centre Solutions line of business in the UK for Dimension Data, a specialist IT services and solution provider that helps clients plan, build, support and manage their IT infrastructures globally. Leyland joined Dimension Data to further develop the Data Centre Solutions business, which creates solutions and services that improve the efficiency, performance and agility of clients’ data centres. With 30 years experience in the IT services and networking industry Leyland has worked with a broad range of clients across all industries and has also worked regularly with all the major vendors in this space including Cisco, EMC and IBM