Vasiliki Georgiadou

Project Manager
GreenIT Amsterdam

Vasiliki Georgiadou holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with specialization on control theory. After completing her studies in 2007, Vasiliki explored various interests spanning from artificial intelligence and robotics to mainframe security, working as a software engineer at IBM Nederland B.V. At 2010 she started as a researcher at Almende B.V. leading the development and integration of an energy aware plug-in for data centre management systems within the activities of a now completed EU FP7 project, FIT4Green. Since 2014, her work and research interests at Green IT Amsterdam focus on promoting and realizing energy sustainability initiatives within the IT industry, and especially related to the data centre sector exploring opportunities to improve integration with their local ecosystem in a smart city context. To that end, she is also involved as project manager and researcher within activities related to EU FP7 projects such as GEYSER