Michael Mudd

Managing Partner
Asia Policy Partners LLC

Michael (Mike) Mudd is the Managing Partner of Asia Policy Partners LLC (APP,) an IT strategy and trade policy advisory firm that he founded. Prior to this he held senior positions with Standard Chartered Bank PLC, where he was a Senior Manager in the trade banks e commerce division and Noble Group  a major commodity trader, where he was the head of the ecommerce division.

He is the chief representative of the UK based Open Computing Alliance  for APAC and the Middle East/Africa. He is an appointed technical expert to JTC-1 of the ISO  in Geneva and an invited speaker to APEC, where he has mentored member economies on technology, Business Continuity and Cloud Computing, specifically for SME’s. He is a member of the Government of Hong Kong’s Expert Group on Cloud Computing; the Working Group on Cloud Security and Privacy.  

He holds committee positions on IT Policy and Cloud in the Hong Kong Computer Society; The Overseas security advisory Council OSAC , where he is on the Senior Advisory Board for Hong Kong, as well as other chambers and associations in the region. He has been the Chairman of the IT, IPR and Telecom Committee for Amcham Hanoi since 2007.

He is concurrently the APAC Ambassador for the Cloud Credential Council a nonprofit group that encourages training and certification of Cloud technologists.