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Jul 16 2015

Opening Remarks

Deploying Cloud in a Cost Efficient Manner

Rupinder Goel, Global CIO, Tata Communications Ltd.

Cloud computing is offering utility-oriented IT services without boundaries globally. Cloud computing enabled Opex based model (pay-as-you-go) eliminating barriers of entry with large Capex and lead times.  Hybrid cloud deployment is cost effective as it helps in balancing using existing infra investments and hosted public shared services.

Using power-aware scheduling techniques, variable resource management, live migration, and a minimal virtual machine design, overall system efficiency will be vastly improved in a data center based Cloud with minimal performance overhead.

Cloud to overcome few challenges :

  • Time to Provision Infrastructure
  • Non Standard System Build
  • Systems availability and response
  • Management  challenges due to heterogeneous environment and quality of service

Business Benefits:

  • Agility- Reduce system readiness from months to few days
  • Secure OS image provisioning & Proactive Capacity Monitoring
  • Improve accessibility & monitor the projects more effectively 
  • Platform readiness to SDN (Software Defined Network) Management
  • Better service uptime leads to improved CSAT
  • Improved Security & environmentally friendly
  • Metering and online charge back
  • Effective & Optimum usage of infrastructure resources
  • Automated provisioning and removal
  • Standard pre defined templates deployment
  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Improve flexibility & Software integration

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