Ajay Garg

Data Center Solution Global Director
Intel Corporation

Ajay Garg leads a worldwide team of sales and marketing for Intel DCM. Intel DCM provides real time power and thermal management at the device level across a wide range of data center devices such as servers, switches, PDUs. Provided as an SDK, Intel DCM middleware is integrated into Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Cloud infrastructure management consoles to increase data center power and thermal efficiency by as much as 40 percent, helping data center operations to better contain costs.
Ajay has been in the Software technology industry for last 15 years and has worked at Intel since 1999. He has diverse experience in the field of Product Sales and Marketing, Innovative Product development and R&D in various divisions within Intel. He has done extensive work in partner development programs and successfully completed business contracts with over 60 technology companies during his tenure at Intel. Ajay has expertise in exploring new ideas and converting them into products and develop a suitable business models in multiple regions for new product. He has 5 patents in area of networking and security.
Ajay earned his Masters of Science and Technology from OHSU and Masters in Computer Science and Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Kentucky.