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Jul 30 2015

Reliability and Uptime Availability: How Twitter Beat the “Fail Whale”

Jennifer Fraser, Head of Mission Critical Engineering, Twitter Mazdak Hashemi, Sr. Director of Site Reliability Engineering & Infrastructure Operations, Twitter

Twitter today is an authentic global news source and a platform for important conversations. Twitter’s infrastructure has significantly transformed since the first Tweet was sent over 9 years ago. The definition of hyperscale, the Site Reliability Engineering team designed both  framework and  methodology for stress testing at scale, while the DC Mission Critical Engineering team improved uptime availability and reliability.


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DCIM is Foundational to Software- Defined Infrastructures

Joe Reele, VP, Datacenter Solution Architects, Schneider Electric

Data Center Infrastructure Management is emerging as an essential augmentation of the software defined infrastructure (SDI) framework. This session examines integrating the IT stack with facilities infrastructure stack through DCIM, helping transform the data center to the true SDDC -- and a competitive tool for cutting time to market for IT services and improving profitability.

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At The Edge: Best Practices to Improve Managing and Deploying Your Remote Edge of Network IT

Henrique Oliveira, Director of Business Development, Data Center Solution, Emerson

Reliance on connectivity and technology close to the user, at distributed locations with no on-site IT expertise and limited physical security, is pressuring budgets and SLAs while increasing risk of a security breach.  Discuss how to better manage cost and risk at the edge of the network. Learn how to improve speed of IT deployment, increase application availability, lower service costs and harden security in remote compute locations.

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Keeping the Video Streaming

Colin Kincaid, VP, Web Portfolio, Cisco John McIlwain, Director, CDNetworks Lance Smith, CEO, Primary Data Michael Todd, CTO, Victorious

Still photos are the internet media of yesteryear. Video content will be growing exponentially - Netflix and YouTube are just the tip of the iceberg. IT infrastructure will need to step up its game - more processing power, storage, bandwidth, and a distributed network edge infrastructure are the key to last mile content delivery.

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Why Data Center Strategies Fail

Kevin Sanders, VP, Data Center Facilities Consulting, HP

What do current technology roadmaps and trends tell us about what your IT and data center infrastructure should be in the future? Anything? What would be on your wish list? Each major interdependent infrastructure layer needs to be addressed: network, server, storage, power, cooling. Here’s a chance to give your best guesses as to what would be winning designs and strategies in the future. Where will you put your money?

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Planning and Executing Strategies to Maximize your Data Center Investment

Tony Walker, Data Center Strategy & Business Development, TE Connectivity

Upgrading an aging data center takes costly time and capital.  Proper planning and the right solution decisions will help protect your data center investment to easily migrate to meet your business’ needs. This session covers the importance of planning and designing your facility for the long term to maximize your investment.  We will discuss the importance of the passive infrastructure ecosystem and the proper migration strategy to get the most out of your data center.

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