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Jul 30 2015

Solution Stage 2: Putting the “Y” in IoT

Bob Thronson, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Vigilent

The Internet of Things is big news.  However, in today’s data centers, many “things” generate information that is never analyzed, or only used for basic functions like anomaly detection.  This talk will explore what’s required for the IoT to create real economic value in mission critical environments.  Specific examples will be shared showing how the IoT can optimize cooling.

The Solution Stage

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DCIM is Foundational to Software- Defined Infrastructures

Joe Reele, VP, Datacenter Solution Architects, Schneider Electric

Data Center Infrastructure Management is emerging as an essential augmentation of the software defined infrastructure (SDI) framework. This session examines integrating the IT stack with facilities infrastructure stack through DCIM, helping transform the data center to the true SDDC -- and a competitive tool for cutting time to market for IT services and improving profitability.

Critical Environment

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Schneider Electric

The Industrialization of the Data Center: Setting The New Standard

Herb Villa, Senior Application Engineer, Rittal

The IT space has matured, yet, standardization is still hard to come by.  The core group of products – Termination, Network, Server/Storage share much in common. The process, however; is still unique for each site, leading to inefficiencies while hand-picking each component. Leaving the basic system approach behind, the Industrialization of the Data Center moves beyond selecting individual components, resulting in a comprehensive solution and incorporating products into one deliverable.

Critical Environment

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