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Jul 30 2015

“Hyperizing” Sourcing for the Web-scale Era

Charles Hoop, IT Sourcing & Procurement Lead, Accenture Mark Thiele, EVP, Data Center Technology, Switch SuperNAP Richard Donaldson, Director Infrastructure Mgmt & Operations, eBay Tony Greenberg, Founder & CEO, RampRate

Hyperscale computing, driven by “third platform” demands, are transforming the world of IT infrastructure capacity and services sourcing. Time-to-market and agility demands are changing the competitive economics of the hosting, colocation and cloud services business. Executives grapple with what being app- and data-centric really requires. It’s a DevOps world, and it’s about speed, elasticity, cost, performance, resilience, quality and risk. Can the high-stakes business of sourcing be sufficiently “hyperized” to meet the hyperscale demands?

IT + Networks

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