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Jul 30 2015

Has Apple Ushered in the Era of Viable Clean Power?

Bill Thomas , Director, Origination, First Solar

Apple will buy clean energy from First Solar’s California Flats project in Monterey County with the intention of powering 100 percent of its operations with renewables. The $848M, 25-year power-purchase agreement from the 130MW plant - operational in the year 2016 - is the largest solar contract signed by a commercial user, representing around 13% of the entire US commercial and industrial power capacity installed last year. What does it portend for data centers?

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The Industrialization of the Data Center: Setting The New Standard

Herb Villa, Senior Application Engineer, Rittal

The IT space has matured, yet, standardization is still hard to come by.  The core group of products – Termination, Network, Server/Storage share much in common. The process, however; is still unique for each site, leading to inefficiencies while hand-picking each component. Leaving the basic system approach behind, the Industrialization of the Data Center moves beyond selecting individual components, resulting in a comprehensive solution and incorporating products into one deliverable.

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Design Considerations for Critical Power Applications

George Williams, Senior Account Executive, Cummins Power Generation

Overview of Diesel Generator and power distribution and efficient usage of emergency generator assets.  This discussion will focus on cost, design, and long term cost of ownership.  Topics also include larger generator advantages, space constraints/footprint reduction, cost analysis; reliability analysis; paralleling large generators; evolution of paralleling controls; paralleling advantages, paralleling in the data center; concurrent maintainability/fault tolerance architectures.

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