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KC Mares

CEO & President
MegaWatt Consulting

KC Mares has managed energy options and a member of the build team for Exodus Communications, at the time the largest data center provider in the world. He managed the second-largest budget (energy) and led co-generation options as well as utility negotiations globally. KC led similar management for Sun Microsystems and Target/Mervyn's stores, with each earning the EPA's EnergyStar Partner of the year awards for KC's money and energy-saving strategies.

For Yahoo!, KC led data center strategy, procuring all data center services and developing several large data centers while leading the charge to reduce energy consumption and costs, achieve carbon neutrality goals and develop large wind and solar projects. Also in 2004, KC worked for Google managing data center operations.

In 2000, just prior to the "California energy crisis", KC gathered a team of industry leading peers to recreate the Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Energy Committee and co-chaired the group, it's 60+ active members and over 200 total members with 7 subcommittees to provide energy policy leadership in California. KC was selected to join in providing direct energy policy leadership with California's Governor, the CPUC and CEC commissioners, CalISO executive team, and President's administration.

KC has led projects throughout the US in many major cities as well as rural areas. He has also led projects around the globe, including in the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and others. He has also completed work for projects in about an equal number of other countries. Through these experiences, KC has worked with country leaders, CEOs of many large multi-national companies, economic development groups, and companies around the globe, being versed in cultural and business customs almost anywhere.

Currently KC leads business development and product development for new products, sales for service companies, energy efficiency programs, and investment advice about public companies and new start-up companies in high-tech, energy and data centers.