Emma Fryer

Associate Director - Climate Change Programmes

Emma Fryer is Associate Director of Climate Change Programmes at techUK.  She has a degree in English from Durham University, a degree in Environmental Science from London University and is currently finishing an MSC in Environmental Decision Making with the Open University.

Emma has spent most of her working life in the technology sector dealing with policy issues relating to ICT.   She started exploring the topic of ICT and climate change in April 2007 and her first output was Intellect's report "High Tech: Low Carbon - the role of technology in tackling climate change"which has proved to be an influential statement for the sector and is still Intellect’s most frequently downloaded publication.   She has also developed a wide range of advocacy materials for the industry, including an extensive case study library and a wide range of policy responses and position papers. Her latest report, “Evaluating the Carbon Impact of ICT: The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything,” was published in August 2012.

Emma’s priorities continue to be advocating the use of ICT and ICT-enabled technologies as tools to tackle climate change, encouraging policy makers to adopt technology as part of the UK’s climate change strategy, and trying to ensure that environmental legislation in the UK and EU is fit for purpose.  She describes these two latter tasks as “pushing a rock uphill”. 

 Emma lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and son and enjoys literature, gardening and natural history.