Thursday 15th September | 2016
1.00pm to 5.00pm

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community, orginally devised by Facebook, focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands of compute infrastructure. The Asia Pacific OCP Introductory Day welcomes IT and data center professionals from across the region to find out what their organisations can stand to benefit from this 'open' approach how they can get involved.


About the OCP Introductory Day


The Open Compute Foundation’s first major event in South East Asia will be held as part of Singapore Data Center Week on day two of DCD Converged, the region’s most important data center and cloud transformation conference.

The half-day event will welcome up to 200 professionals from across the region interested in finding out more about the open-source hardware and infrastructure movement. The afternoon will consist of 4 main sessions and some networking opportunities.

This workshop is open and free to attend to all confirmed participants of DCD Converged SE Asia 2016. Prior registration is required. 




1.00pm - OCP networking lunch

2.00pm - Session 1: beginning of the Open Hardware Movement – An overview of the OCP Foundation

Facebook started the Open Compute Project (OCP) in 2011 with the idea to build the most efficient hardware infrastructure possible. They proceeded to take their ideas and share it with the world forming the Open Compute Project. Since then over 120 companies have joined in the development and contribution of hardware designs. This session will provide additional background on the origins as well as the structure of the foundation.

2.45pm - Session 2: Sharing Ideas to Maximise Innovation - The technical projects within OCP & how to participate within the community

In designing commodity hardware that is more efficient, flexible, and scalable, OCP is redefining tech infrastructure.   This session will focus on the specific working Projects within OCP and how collaboration takes place among the engineers to produce scaleable designs across the data centre. Additionally, we will go into detail on how individuals and organisations can participate at various levels and gain the benefits of an entire OCP engineering community.

3.30pm - OCP coffee break

4.00pm - Session 3: Is OCP a fit for me? – A look at the factors organisations need to consider when evaluating OCP

As technologists across industries participate in this community, we are creating and refining more designs, making it possible for more companies to transition from their old, proprietary solutions to OCP gear. You will hear from various Solution Providers who help organisations make the transition to OCP. They will also highlight the types of OCP solutions being deployed by enterprises across the region.

4.40pm - Session 4: Adoption and Use of OCP within the Enterprise – Experiences from organisations who are using OCP today

Momentum continues to build in Asia with more and more organisations looking at OCP as part of their infrastructure strategy.   We are seeing more traditional enterprises adopting OCP as a broader set of designs become available in the community. In this session we will hear from companies who have adopted OCP and the benefits they’ve seen as a result.

5.30pm - OCP networking drinks reception





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