Testimonials from delegates that attended SE Asia 2016. 

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"I am glad that I had the chance to be a part of DCD Converged SE Asia 2016. Over the last few years, China has enlarged its Data Center footprint by developing close linkages with various countries in the region, especially Singapore, due to its attractiveness as a Data Center Hub. Alibaba has been involved in DCD Converged since 2013 as we strongly believe that DCD is a key player in bringing all stakeholders in the Data Center industry together, which is vital for growth in the region."

Leo Chen, IDC Senior Architect, Alibaba Infrastructure Service


"The Data Center is the brain of the IT world. DCD provides a nice environment for the industry to look thoroughly into this beautiful industry."

Chaz Du, ZTE Singapore


"Attending DCD Converged SE Asia 2016 is a big opportunity for those IT Professionals who have had no chance to see what kind of technologies are used by the big players in the industry. It also acts as a gateway to explore latest technologies, trends and best practices that they may find useful in their own environment."

Melchor Mangrobang, Crestar Education Group Pte Ltd


"DCD Converged SE Asia 2016 was the best DCD event I attended to date. The insights on the Chinese Data Center market were most insightful."

Joshua Au, A*STAR


"DCD Converged SE Asia opens up opportunities to meet up with experienced industrial professionals and also keeps us updated on the latest technology and best practices in Data Center."

David TAY, Orange Business Services Singapore Pte Ltd


"A well balanced event that takes you through relevant developments in the industry and at the same time provides the opportunity to network and actually share views with speakers and delegates."

R. Titulaer, Systemec DataCenters


"DCD Converged SE Asia showcases the latest trends/breed of technologies on data centers. It is so relevant and important for data center folks to attend this in order to get abreast of these technologies and more importantly to capture some techniques/methodologies which might be helpful or beneficial to their organizations."

Ronni B. Cave, Globe Telecoms, Philippines


“DatacenterDynamics Singapore provides an excellent regional platform, bringing together the key stakeholders in the Data Center industry, allowing for a valuable exchange of ideas and the ability for us to showcase our next generation solutions to the market.”

Lee Smith, Regional Director, Optimum Path (Singapore)

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