James Braunegg

Managing Director
Micron21 Datacentre

In 2009, despite holding a Monash University Post Graduate Masters Medical Degree and operating an international Automotive high performance modification & tuning business, James recognised the opportunity to build a datacentre business within his families printing company; his vision was motivated by the opportunity presented to him by clients seeking cloud services.

At the age of 28, James left his medical career and liquated all assets to invest in and establish the Micron21 Datacentre.  James’ mission and goals were simple - provide high quality datacentre cloud services direct to end users who did not require a large amount of physical space while at the same time requiring mission critical fault tolerant services with continuous control over security, power, cooling and network services.

Clients quickly became very confident in the services provided by Micron21 and over the past 6 years the organisation has grown from a single rack to building Australia’s first certified tier 4 facility. Today James operates AS38880 Australia’s largest peered global network with 700gbit of DDoS protection capacity which supports some of the largest ISP, content providers and hosting companies in Australia.

James has a passion for every aspect of the datacentre industry including designing, building, and operating facilities with an extensive knowledge in structural, mechanical, electrical and IP networks to support mission critical cloud & datacentre services used by 1000’s of businesses globally.