Shashank Dixit


Shashank Dixit is the Founder and CEO of Deskera. Deskera is a leader in Enterprise Cloud. Deskera has transformed itself from a modest accounting software on cloud to be Asia’s top enterprise cloud company. The company, which started from a University dorm, today has offices across the globe and calls Singapore as its headquarters.

“Think Long Term – one step at a time”

Shashank believes in the motto of ‘small is powerful’ and that strengthens his belief in the SME sector. The SMEs put together are larger than the big players in the market and bring in the volumes. It’s the SMEs that bring in innovations and create new jobs and build economies. Shashank wants to strengthen this sector. According to him, Deskera is a long-term player. He believes that building an enterprise software company is a marathon as opposed to a sprint, and Deskera is just doing that.