Jerzy Szlosarek

Chief Operating Officer

Jerzy has been with Epsilon since inception of the group in 2003 developing the operational procedures of the company. He has also overseen the network design and build, ensuring it matches the needs of the business. Jerzy has laid out the technical vision and roadmap for the global footprint and has assembled teams of engineering and planning staff. He continues to be closely involved with all the engineering divisions working across Epsilon’s global footprint.

Prior to Epsilon, Jerzy worked in senior field engineering positions for ADC Systems in rolling out Ciena DWDM and core optical switching products. He also worked for US carrier Dynegy, managing and maintaining the core optical global backbone. Jerzy has over 15 years’ experience working in core optical divisions across Europe and Asia.

Epsilon is one of the largest independent provider of outsourced connectivity solutions to the world’s Communications and Cloud ecosystems. Our underlying network infrastructure, intelligent application layers and industry expertise enable our customers to seamlessly deliver mission critical, high performance Applications and Communications services globally.

We operate an outsourcing model for the procurement and management of Cloud and network infrastructure; enabling our customers to focus on delivering end-to-end Cloud, Content, application, communication and connectivity services. Our high performance, high availability and massively scalable global backbone combined with our own unique networking technology has created a platform connecting over 500 network operators and service providers each using the network to serve fixed, mobile, application and Cloud customers.