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Oct 27 2015

Plenary panel: How can hosting, colocation and cloud managed services providers position themselves to best enable digital enterprise transformation?

Chris Crosby, Co-Founder & CEO, Compass Datacenters Eli Scher, CEO, New Continuum Data Centers Giles Proctor, VP, Data Centre Services , Pacnet at Telstra Joe Weinman, Digital Strategist and Author, Independent Consultant John Hughes CBE, Executive Chairman, Telecity Group Ross Bawcum, AVP, Global Data Center Operations, AT&T;

Morning coffee and networking

Lunch and networking

Managing complexity in cloud infrastructure sourcing

Nowadays there is a lot of complexity that infrastructure cloud service users face when choosing providers and buying infrastructure capacity. In the cloud choosing the best option for a specific application is like solving a complex equation,  because technical, commercial, and legal requirements need to be considered. This session will cover why and how marketplaces can support customers to simplify that equation.

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