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Oct 27 2015

Plenary panel: How can hosting, colocation and cloud managed services providers position themselves to best enable digital enterprise transformation?

Chris Crosby, Co-Founder & CEO, Compass Datacenters Eli Scher, CEO, New Continuum Data Centers Giles Proctor, VP, Data Centre Services , Pacnet at Telstra Joe Weinman, Digital Strategist and Author, Independent Consultant John Hughes CBE, Executive Chairman, Telecity Group Ross Bawcum, AVP, Global Data Center Operations, AT&T;

Morning coffee and networking

China: Insight to the world’s largest market for data centers

Oliver Jones, CEO, Chayora

China already has the world’s largest online community with over 600 million people connected to the internet (45% of the 1.3 billion population) and growth plans will take it to Western economies penetration levels of 80%+ within 5 years.  China represents a massive market for online services but access to this new and demanding opportunity requires servers and data centers in-country due to the national firewall that China continues to deploy.  The complexities of access are many and to date, most leading businesses have declined to engage or found it too challenging compared to other markets.

Lunch and networking

New age of data center providers

Tag Greason , Executive Vice President , QTS

Enterprises are becoming more sophisticated on what solutions they require. The one-size fits all solution no longer applies and data centers need to evolve past offering only space and power.  Enterprises are looking for partners that are a true extension of their business. By examining market drivers here we will take a look at how data center providers will succeed as partners to enterprises by offering flexibility and scalability.

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