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Plenary keynote: Coca-Cola’s journey to the cloud

Hakan Figenli , Global Cloud Operations Director , Coca-Cola

Cloud solutions are on every enterprise CXO’s agenda as we move into 2016 with public cloud uptake gaining serious momentum this year. Whilst the benefits are clear, the migration to the cloud poses several challenges. What part of your IT should sit in a public private or hybrid cloud, and how do you overcome data mobility and security challenges?  Join Coca-Cola on their journey to the cloud.

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  • Plenary keynote: Coca-Cola’s journey to the cloud

Case study: Turkey’s first software defined data center (SDDC) project

Cenk Niksarli, Chief Technology Officer, Halk Bank

With the SDDC, control of the infrastructure is fully automated by software. Even hardware configurations are attained by taking into account software systems needs unlike traditional data centers in which software is defined around the hardware and devices. What lessons can be learnt from Turkey’s first software defined data center project? Should you use an SDDC approach for your next data center? How will SDDC affect the way you design your data center and is this the future for the Turkish market?

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Free cooling technologies: How to save on energy bills and determine the best option for your data center

Osman Uzuner, Technical Manager, System Management Department, Vakif Bank

Data center cooling represents a significant portion of a facility’s power consumption. Taking advantage of outside environmental conditions for climate control of your data center through “free cooling” is becoming increasingly popular.  Air-side free cooling, adiabatic (evaporative) and water-side free cooling – which is the best method for your next project in Turkey? Find out how to make this decision and the key criteria to be taken into account.  

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  • Free cooling technologies: How to save on energy bills and determine the best option for your data center

OpenStack & big data

Oguz Icoglu , Senior Researcher, TUBITAK

Openstack, with its constantly growing user and immense developer community, offers a promising open cloud solution that abstracts server resources and provides their instant provision in an isolated and configurable manner. Furthermore, by the help of its modular components, it provides an appropriate infrastructure for the storage of data on the cloud platform with versioning and archiving capabilities. However, as the amount of data grows, it becomes inevitable to offer specialized solutions, one of which is to integrate big data techniques and procure the management of big data as a service on the cloud stack. Such a “Big Data as a Service” (BDaaS) solution, with supporting NoSQL databases, enables effective, customizable, and scalable big data analysis over the cloud.

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  • OpenStack & big data

Next-generation KKB data center for domestic cloud

Abdullah Bilgin, CIO, Kredi Kayıt Bürosu A.Ş.

The Turkish Credit Bureau (KKB) was established in 1995 by the 9 banks constituting 86% of the total assets size of the finance sector.

KKB’s main vision is to provide services to manage risk for the finance sector. While believing and supporting competition in business platform, KKB believes and promotes sharing in all levels including : sharing knowledge, data, applications and infrastracture without effecting the competition.

With this vision, KKB started a new project to build a «Next Generation Datacenter» in Ankara hosting the DR platforms and centralizing the operational activities of the finance institutions as well as providing «domestic cloud platform» for the institutions and supporting cloud application developers.

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  • Next-generation KKB data center for domestic cloud

Turkcell Gebze: How Deerns transformed Turkcell’s Business Requirements and Data Centre Strategy into the Gebze Data Centre Design

Karl Van Ginderdeuren , International Data Centre Practice Assistant Director, Deerns Omer Gazimihal , Head of Enterprise Product Management, Turkcell

During this co-presentation by Turkcell and Deerns, we will highlight how Turkcell’s data centre strategy has been transformed and adapted into the data centre design. Interactively we will explain how the strategy has been used to define the key value drivers and the translation here-of into strict technical requirements. Furthermore we will explain how these value drivers have been used to select the best matching technologies and systems during the concept design stage.

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  • Turkcell Gebze: How Deerns transformed Turkcell’s Business Requirements and Data Centre Strategy into the Gebze Data Centre Design

Coffee break, networking, Expo and Solution Stages

Solution Stage: Ses ve Multimedya Sistemlerinin Güvenliği - Nova ailesi

Kutlay Tetik , OSS & Security Solutions Manger, Netas

4.5G Teknolojisinin yaygınlaşmasıyla beraber, mobil operatörlerin sistemleri üzerinden geçen ses trafiğinin, internet protokolü üzerinden geçeceği öngörülmektedir. Kurumsal ses ve multimedya uygulamaları ile ilgili dikkat edilmesi gereken güvenlik açıkları konusunda bilgi vereceğiz ve bu yöndeki çözüm önerilerimizi sunacağız.

Solution Stage

Case Study: ADM Elektrik’s disaster recovery project

Savas Erol Uzun , M2M, BSS & Infrastructure Solutions Manager, Netas

ODM Projesi ADM Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. için Denizli, Aydın ve Muğla illerinde gerçekleştirilmektedir.

Keşif çalışmaları sonrasında tahsis edilen Sistem Odası, Elektrik Odası, Telekom Odası ve UPS/Akü odaları için DataCenter altyapı çalışmaları(İnşaat, Epoksi, Yükseltilmiş Döşeme vb) yapılmıştır.

Kabinet, iklimlendirme, güç sistemleri, yangın söndürme ve ortam izleme gibi sistemlerin kurulumları da yapılıp, aktif cihaz kurulumlarına geçilmiştir.

Projede Denizli ana veri merkezi, Aydın ise FKM olarak konumlandırılmıştır.

FKM yapısını da içeren, hem pasif hem de aktif ekipmanların bulunduğu uçtan uca datacenter projesidir.

Veri Merkezi üzerine kurulan uygulamarı ile hem iç hem de dış müşterilere hizmet verilmektedir.

Projenin aşamaları ve ADM Elektrik A.Ş. ye sağladığı faydalar konu edilecektir.

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  • Case Study: ADM Elektrik’s disaster recovery project

Panel: How to decide whether to build, buy or lease your next data center

Alp Çiçekdağı , Managing Partner, KENT Development Altan Buyukyilmaz, Executive VP, Commerce, Turkish Airlines Technic Mehmet Boydak, Operations & System Management Group Leader, ABank Murat Cetin Sav , CIO, Burgan Bank

This decision-making process needs to tackle two fundamental questions:  which option produces the most strategic advantage for your business and which strategy meets this requirement with the least investment? However, an assessment also needs to be made of the market options available that are capable of meeting your requirements in Turkey. Discover the key considerations and optimal option for your long-term data center strategy.

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How to protect your data center from seismic threats – Lessons learnt from recent projects

Ruslan Zaedinov , Board Member, Star of Bosphorus (NGN/Croc)

Given the expected seismic activity within the next 20 years in Istanbul, protecting your valuable data from such external threats is crucial for any data center strategy. How can you use design to mitigate this ever-present danger? Find out here with case study best practice from around the world.

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  • How to protect your data center from seismic threats – Lessons learnt from recent projects

The new IP in data centers - leveraging software and virtualisation

Feyyaz Atalay , Country Manager, Brocade

The New IP refers to a state-of-the-art, virtualised IP network. This new infrastructure provides a more dynamic, automated capability based on leveraging software and virtualisation. It allows customers to exploit best-of-breed technologies, based on open architectures and open ecosystems, and not be locked into any one vendor.

The New IP will be the enabler for a wealth of new technologies - from virtual workspaces to the Internet of Things - to be transformed into a truly useful tool. Businesses who embrace The New IP will be able to offer their employees an agile, resilient and scalable network, one capable of delivering data and applications to any device, anywhere at any time.

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Panel: Hybrid, Private, Public - How to choose the right cloud platform for your business

Bilal Genc , Chief Technology Officer, Naspers Group Ergun Ozdamar, CIO, Türk Traktör Huseyin Alp , Chief of IT Group, ISBAK Oguz Icoglu , Senior Researcher, TUBITAK Okan Eke , Assistant Manager, Aktif Bank

Before making a decision about cloud adoption you need to be clear on how it will benefit your business in practice. How does cloud provisioning improve productivity and business performance?  And what happens if you need to exit? Gain practical information on how to use the cloud and when, the critical considerations for decision making, and the impact on TCO and capacity.

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Flexible and reliable power supply solutions for intelligent control and secure power

Daniel Bianconi, Technical Manager, Piller

To protect DataCenters against Power Outages the installation of UPS systems is the standard method. Usually long and short term outages need to be bridged and UPS systems can be complemented with external Gensets or directly coupled with a DRUPS. The combination of Rotary UPS and Gensets is a Trial and Tested solution with an installed base of approaching >1000MVA. Because of the distinct advantages with this combination, some of the most recent high profile & major Tier III and Tier IV DataCentres use this technology.

Power + Cooling


  • Flexible and reliable power supply solutions for intelligent control and secure power

Case Study: Investing in data center infrastructure management (DCIM) - How will it benefit your business?

Utku Kose , Veri Merkezi Sistem Analisti , İşbankası

Struxureware DCIM solution is used in Isbank’s data centers. After POC work, DCIM was implemented with all modules and all equipment  defined in the system. Integration with the other existing software and systems increased Isbank’s knowledge and experience.  Benefits and durability of Struxureware and other DCIM software and the advantages  that Isbank gain from Struxureware software will be covered here.

  • What is the advantage of using DCIM software in data centers?
  • How can we measure improvements in efficiency that come with DCIM?
  • What are the operational benefits of DCIM solutions?

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  • Case Study: Investing in data center infrastructure management (DCIM) - How will it benefit your business?

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Osman Bayindir , Regional Manager , Rittal

It is known very well that we live in a world intertwined disasters and emergencies. There is also a response for this in IT industry – lots of companies’ Research & Development units worked on this issue and finally many different technological innovations come true. These innovations were basically looking for answers to the same question: “How a portable and high level of security center can be created?”

Rittal’s presentation focuses on the challenges faced by IT managers in case of disaster, data center solutions that may be required in such cases and business continuity. In this context, the followings will be summarized briefly: optimal installation space, business continuity, mobility, as well as climate control technology and security benefits, you can have as many natural disaster protection together with this technology. In the past, the National Security level institutions are preferred these kind of solutions. However today, due to developing technology and easy to carry advantage, it has also become a solution to all end-users.

Several reference projects will be shown to explain benefits.

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  • Disaster recovery and business continuity

Panel: Choosing the right technology for your data center

Abdullah Bilgin, CIO, Kredi Kayıt Bürosu A.Ş. Egemen Inan Ozmen, IT Manager, Perenco Oil & Gas Fatih Oztekin , LBU Manager, ABB Hakan Inceoglu , Senior Vice President, ING Bank Namık Kemal Uçkan , IT Manager, Network Division, Halkbank

Choosing the right technology strategy is critical in the fast-evolving data center industry. In a rapidly changing technology environment, decisions made now can have a major impact on your business for years to come and it is essential to avoid vendor lock-in and equipment that may soon be obsolete.  Hear the experience of a leading company of how they managed the process of choosing the right technology for their new data center, how not-to-buy out-of-date technology, and drive payback on your investments.

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Future technology trends and assurance

Sinem Cantürk , Partner and Head of Information Risk Management Practice , KPMG

New technology concepts such as Big Data, Cloud and Mobile are becoming an important part of our everyday reality and continuously changing the outlook of data centers. But are we able to see the associated risks? What are the technology-related regulations that we need to know? Is it possible to maintain data privacy, stay compliant and relevant with the market at the same time?

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Lunch, networking, Expo, and Solution Stages

Case study: New approach for Data Center - start thinking modular

Hakan Korkmaz, CIO, TOFAS - FIAT

The business case for containerised and modular data centers is becoming stronger in 2015 as the industry catches up with the growing digital universe. Modular data centers provide a promising solution in realising on-demand capacity to maximise scalability, flexibility and cost savings. In this session, you will hear more about the design and build experience of modular data centers from ICT Director of Tofas – Fiat.

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Panel: How to improve energy efficiency in your existing data center - How can retrofitting improve PUE levels?

Cem Kaptan, IT Manager, Aselsan Guclu Borhan, IT Infrastructure Manager, Novartis Ilyas Turgut, Board Member, TELKODER Kerim Serin, Network Data Center Manager, Turkcell

In this session you will hear about power usage effectiveness (PUE) improvements and averages with an assessment of Turkish data center market performance. An in-depth discussion will take place between global industry experts, local project owners and leading technology providers. How can you measure the benefit from upgrades and how can you best estimate ROI on your investments?



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The journey from traditional infrastructure to elastic, software-defined data centers

Pieter Duijves , EMEA Delivery Director & Managing Principal HP Technology Services, Data Centre Consulting , Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As the demand increases on data center operators due to the explosion of data, the consumption model for data centers is also changing in order to meet those demands.

This presentation will map those changing consumption models, provide an insight as to challenges we see today and the HP point of view on the future state of data centers.

It will take you from the traditional infrastructure to modular, near elastic and software defined infrastructure, and reference a real life case study deployed for a government ‘state secret’ data center.

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  • The journey from traditional infrastructure to elastic, software-defined data centers

Star of Bosphorus workshop: Defining end user data center services requirements in Turkey

Ufuk Yaşıbeyli , CTO, NGN

The Star of Bosphorus will be the safest and securest, ‘carrier neutral’ data center in Turkey built to a Tier III design and facility certificate, located in a 24 000 sqm space with 16 MW total power, operating over 2 000 standard cabinets. The Star of Bosphorus has been designed to reduce the effects of earthquakes with seismic-isolating construction technology.

By combining the world’s best experts in data center infrastructure and operations with the tremendous potential of Turkish enterprises we are keen to provide best-in-class data center services in Turkey.

This interactive session will examine

  • The needs of enterprise customers looking for data center services in Turkey today
  • What a typical service provider requires in order to deliver services and products to enterprise customers in the digital age
  • What problems are being faced by enterprises using their own data center infrastrcuture?
  • A comparison of data center services offered in Turkey and internationally
  • What does the term “cloud managed services” mean to enterpsies looking for help to reduce costs?

This session will help you assess exactly what you need from outsourced data center services.

Idea Labs

Case Study: Transforming enterprise IT architecture

Tunç Noyan, Group CIO, Erdemir Group

How did we transform our 20-year-old traditional IT architecture and understanding? What was the driver for this change? Cost? More IT dependent manufacturing process? How did we decide about the strategy? (selection process & criteria)

Design + Build


  • Case Study: Transforming enterprise IT architecture

The National Cyber Security Center of Turkey (USOM, TR-CERT) - Roadmap for cyber security 2016-2018

Emine Yazıcı Altıntaş, Head of Department - Cyber Security, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Turkey

With the expansion of cloud services, cyber security has become the biggest question around data protection. Reports show that a lack of awareness about cyber security is one of the major challenges for ICT in Turkey. What are the possible results of a potential cyber-attack? How can you protect your data and data center? (USOM, TR-CERT) will share findings from existing projects and upcoming plans for cyber security.

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Plenary CIO panel: Accommodating Big Data and the Internet-of-Things: What will your data center look like in 5 years from now?

Alp Çiçekdağı , Managing Partner, KENT Development Hakan Figenli , Global Cloud Operations Director , Coca-Cola Mehmet Baser, , Senior Leader in Implementation and Technology,, McKinsey & Company Tunç Noyan, Group CIO, Erdemir Group

From what happens in an internet minute to the explosion of smart devices, from the accumulation of incredible amounts of data to the Internet of Things, ITC trends for the next decade will drive data center industry expansion and innovation. Understand how to prepare for the new technologies ahead in the near future, as well as preliminary studies of evolving ideas and what you should expect for your next data center design.

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