Tencent Tech Summit">

DCD > Tencent Tech Summit

Time: June 15th, 13:30-17:30pm

Location: VIP Garden Room,5F

Venue: Shanghai Tower Conference Center



DCD > Tencent Tech Summit


13:25-14:25:Check in 

14:25-14:30:Opening speech

14:30-14:35 Welcome speech by DCD

14:35-15:05 Why Tencent cloud was always been called "Client value based Cloud" ? 

15:05-15:35 "Big dream, Serious verification" —— The footprint of Tencent data center technology exploration

16:05-16:35: How will Tencent-datacenter help the development of cloud business

16:35-17:00 Round Table: How will Internet data center adapt to the development needs of business expansion in the age of cloud?

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