DCD is a very good communication platform as it attracts the participation of many parties including product and service providers, clients and research institutions. We can share technical expertise on this platform and promote the development of the whole industry, hence creating a good ecological environment.

Zhu Hua, Vice Director of IDC, Tencent

This is the best event I have participated in since I joined Alibaba. We can see that the host (DCD) sees the attendee experience as a priority. I also saw containerized data center solutions for the first time.

Jin Mu, Head of PR, Alibaba Group

Thanks to DCD for its outstanding contribution to China’s data center industry over the past 7 years. We believe that DCD will bring more innovative ideas and drivers to the data center industry with their expansion into the field of large-scale infrastructure, from data center to cloud, and from IT infrastructure to digital business infrastructure in China.

Haifeng Qu, Alibaba

Now we live in a big data era, which puts forward new requests to enterprise data centers. Through the DCD platform, we know more about the latest developments of the industry and the requirements of our customers. DCD also provides a good platform for us to communicate with both old and new customers, which in turn helps us to find new business opportunities. Therefore, we think that this event is of great significance.

Linda Luo, Regional Business Management Manager, Anixter 

We know that DCD is very influential in both China and the APAC region. That is why we want to use this platform to expand our influence in both China and Asia.

Lou Jiaxi, Sales Director, KOHLER

As a long-time partner of DCD, we are very glad to participate in DCD Converged Shanghai this year. For a long time, we do not treat DCD event as a simple exhibition service provider, but a good platform that enables good communication between us and exhibitors. It is also promoting the development of enterprises and their learning processes.

Bao Kai, Marketing Manager, SDS

It is a very good event which provides very good insight and wide coverage of the data center. It is a great opportunity for attendees to learn from their peers and gain knowledge around industry trends. It deep dives into the choice of selections of data centers which is very useful

Jenny Gui, The Royal Bank of Scotland ( China) Co Ltd

DCD has opened a window to the world for all the players in data center, data cloud, big data, and convergence media end user. In a DCD conference, you can not only find the most leading technologies and products, but also the mature full line-up solution practices as well as the development mode to grow with clients. We wish that DCD will get better and better and believe that DCD will provide a better platform and consulting services for clients to network and communicate with each other.

Jian Zhao, Shanghai Media Group

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