Yuval Bachar

Global Infrastructure Architecture

Yuval Bachar is a principal engineer in the global infrastructure and strategy team for LinkedIn, which is responsible for the company strategy for data center architecture and implementation of the mega scale future data centers. In this capacity, he drives and supports the new technology development, architecture, and collaboration to support the tremendous growth in LinkedIn’s future user-base, data centers, and services provided.

Prior to LinkedIn, Mr. Bachar was the leader and architect for Facebook data center networking hardware, responsible for the development of the Wedge and 6-Pack first top of Rack (ToR) and modular open networking gear. In addition, Mr. Bachar was the innovator and driver of the $1/1G optical technology initiative for 100G pluggable modules. Furthermore, he redefined the backbone architecture and integration of colored optics into the switching platforms.

Mr. Bachar has been a contributor to the PCI standard and several IEEE standards. He holds six approved US patents in the networking and system design areas and three Cisco pioneer awards.