Scott Carlson

Technical Fellow, Former Director - Information Security

I am a proven, driven technologist, thought leader, cloud architect, and business aligned technology evangelist. My primary focus areas include information security, data centers, virtualization, and systems architecture. I share industry thought leadership with real-world ways to solve problems, but can directly roll up my sleeves as the lead problem solver during a crisis. I’m adept with drawing and presenting to executives, leading technical reviews, have a high-rated speaking tag at conferences, and can communicate effectively at all levels of the organization. I challenge status quo, have strong provable opinions, and believe that every challenge can be met with a solution. I thrive in environments that are large and complex, speak waterfall, and agile at use-case development. I believe that embracing and driving change is important and I look to always put myself in a position where I can be the "go to" guy by my expertise, presence, and ability to deliver within infrastructure and information security.