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Nov 10 2015

Integrating Design and Construction Reduces Risk & Increases Efficiency

Cohesive, integrated engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) offers data center owner’s considerable benefits. This approach will be compared to various traditional development methodologies, such as design, bid and build; design, build and integrated product delivery. The costs, benefits, risks and complexity of each model will be evaluated as applicable to mission critical facilities.

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Fiber-Optic Future Now

Dwayne Crawford, Product Line Manager , Belden

Just as today’s businesses are beginning to grasp 40gbs and 100gbs in speed, rapidly evolving fiber architectures will trend toward 400gps. Integrated silicon photonics drives great change to the network roadmap, with impacts on data center design.  New leaf-and-spine architectures solve bottlenecks to denser server virtualization. Simplified fiber optics give rise to new networking technologies. Continued demand for lower cost and higher bandwidth within both fiber uplinks and short-reach leaf switch-server connections are pushing advancements in cabling and transceiver technology that will have further implications on the future of fiber optics in the data center.  Learn how enablers like photonics will drive more fiber to the network edge, forcing change in data center cabling in the near future.

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Enterprise Cloud Design Strategy

Joe Belinsky, VP, Technology Infrastructure Services, Moneris Solutions Roy Hart, CIO, Seneca College Shawn Rosemarin, Chief-of-Staff, VMWare

Adoption and expansion of cloud within the enterprise requires effective planning to ensure that cloud capabilities are integrated within the overall IT delivery fabric and business processes of the organization, and that this is accomplished without increasing security/regulatory exposure. This session identifies key issues that need to be considered in the adoption and expansion of cloud within IT and business contexts.

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Green Data Centers by Design

Speaker Details Coming Soon

SME data center operators can now get the same enviable PUE traction that their larger enterprise counterparts can achieve through complete control of their IT and data center footprints. The right co-lo model that included affordable hot-aisle containment, smart air flow management and green energy efficiency best practices can save money, provide greater power flexibility whole delivering economies of infrastructure scale not otherwise available to the smaller operator.

Design + Strategy

Why Data Center Strategies Fail

Speaker Details Coming Soon

What do current technology roadmaps and trends tell us about what your IT and data center infrastructure will be? What would be on your wish list? We’ll look at each of the major infrastructure areas: network, server, storage, power, cooling, convergence, and cloud. Who knows, you may and give best guesses at what would be the winning designs and strategies. Where will you put your money?

Design + Strategy

Delivering Cloud via Public, Private & Hybrid Environments

Craig McLellan, Founder, ThinkOn Marcus Cziesla, Director, Cloud Solutions, Red Hat

In a world that is transitioning from traditional on-premise infrastructure to corporate IT fabrics that incorporate multiple cloud platforms, defining and delivering cloud infrastructure is more a journey than a destination. This session provides a framework for identifying key issues in establishing public, private and hybrid clouds and decision-making tools that allow businesses to align cloud options with new business enablement.

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Cloud Business Models, Metrics & Imperatives

AJ Byers, President, JEDTech Group Sylvia Bauer, Canadian Program Director, CenturyLink Tracey Hutchison, Channel Director, Cisco Systems Canada

Cloud offers tremendous opportunities for scale, but successful adoption of an enterprise cloud strategy requires the active participation and support of senior management. What do business executives focus on, as they understand the potential for cloud to enhance business outcomes?  What do these executives focus on when they deliver benefits to stakeholders ranging from shareholders to employees to customers?

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DCIM is Foundational to SDDC

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Data Center Infrastructure Management is emerging as an essential augmentation of the software defined infrastructure (SDI) framework. This session examines integrating the IT stack with facilities infrastructure stack through DCIM, helping transform the data center to the true SDDC -- and a competitive tool for cutting time to market for IT services and improving profitability.

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