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Nov 10 2015

Fiber-Optic Future Now

Dwayne Crawford, Product Line Manager , Belden

Just as today’s businesses are beginning to grasp 40gbs and 100gbs in speed, rapidly evolving fiber architectures will trend toward 400gps. Integrated silicon photonics drives great change to the network roadmap, with impacts on data center design.  New leaf-and-spine architectures solve bottlenecks to denser server virtualization. Simplified fiber optics give rise to new networking technologies. Continued demand for lower cost and higher bandwidth within both fiber uplinks and short-reach leaf switch-server connections are pushing advancements in cabling and transceiver technology that will have further implications on the future of fiber optics in the data center.  Learn how enablers like photonics will drive more fiber to the network edge, forcing change in data center cabling in the near future.

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Advanced Cloud Application Adoption & Enablement

Arturo Perez, President & CEO, Applied Mobility Systems

Increasingly, cloud is the platform enabling the most compelling next steps in IT. Collaboration, Analytics and Big Data, IoT and mobility all draw on cloud capabilities to improve a wide variety of business processes. What are the key considerations in building a platform for advanced cloud application adoption and integration? This session delves into the key issues in supporting advanced applications within an evolving cloud infrastructure.

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Spotlight on Analytics

Dean McKeown, Associate Director, Masters Programs, Queen's School of Business Jerrard Gaertner, President, CIPS, Course Advisor, Developer, Instructor , University of Toronto Paul Lewis, CTO, Hitachi Data Systems, Canada

Cloud has redrawn the lines around traditional data and application constraints, and nowhere is the benefit of the expanded perimeter clearer than in analytics. This session examines how ubiquitous access and effectively-unlimited IT infrastructure facilitates new uses of technology. Receive exposure to new, never-before-public data from a survey of Canadian businesses.

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Modular Design is Here to Stay, Call it What You Will

Modular. Container. Pre-fab – all express what the next infrastructure space might look like. The steady, on-going design evolution of mission-critical environments has altered the user demand and increased expectations for high availability, and all that means. This tutorial reviews the evolution and defines components and systems deployed in these environments.  Rittal provides new infrastructure definitions, standards and requirements, including now-requisite performance metrics, to support deployments in this new framework.  The goal – create a foundation for defining the new and expanding IT space as it updates or migrates away from the traditional data center.

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