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Nov 10 2015

Advanced Cloud Application Adoption & Enablement

Arturo Perez, President & CEO, Applied Mobility Systems

Increasingly, cloud is the platform enabling the most compelling next steps in IT. Collaboration, Analytics and Big Data, IoT and mobility all draw on cloud capabilities to improve a wide variety of business processes. What are the key considerations in building a platform for advanced cloud application adoption and integration? This session delves into the key issues in supporting advanced applications within an evolving cloud infrastructure.

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IoT and The Future of Technology that Extends Beyond it

Speaker Details Coming Soon

Power, integration and ubiquity: the IT landscape is defined by cloud, mobility and analytics technologies that will support new levels of IT awareness and control. With IoT, leading organizations are combining IT and OT in ways that will stretch the definitions of technology and business – and which will provide strategic challenges and opportunities for organizations in virtually all industry sectors.

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