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Nov 10 2015

Data Centre Ownership Models

Vello Ehvert, President, Ehvert Mission Critical

When procuring data centre space, organizations have several strategies available. This presentation will take a closer look at the fundamentals behind direct ownership, public-private partnerships (P3s), wholesale, and colocation. Each of these ownership models will be explored to assess their respective benefits and disadvantages to end-users, architects, engineers, and contractors.

Design + Strategy

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Information Security: Mapping, Managing and Communicating the Risk

Jim Love, CIO & CDO, IT World Canada

IT security is a battleground where technical skills are essential -- but these alone aren't enough.  As Chief Security Officers know, human behavior is very likely the greatest exposure any company has. Today's corporate CSO must understand security technology sufficiently to be able to effectively communicate, educate and motivate change behaviors at all levels of the workforce (including senior management) behaviors. Learn policies, best practices, and strategies for mapping organizational risk and communicating effectively from C-suite to line employee.

Security + Risk

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