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Nov 10 2015

Registration and Breakfast in the Expo Hall

Plenary Keynote: Canadian Cloud, 2015 and Beyond— Orchestrating Success

AJ Byers, President, JEDTech Group Matt Ambrose, Technology Advisory Ldr, PCS, PwC Michael O’Neil, Principal Analyst, Insight-as-a-Service Roy Hart, CIO, Seneca College Stewart Lyons, CEO, TeraGo Networks

Cloud offers Canadian enterprises a way of automating tasks, processes and relationships that makes Canadian business more profitable, more agile and more connected. But cloud adoption requires new levels of -- and approaches to -- both technology and business What are the keys to connecting the dots between technology and business?
Session takes place on the main stage in the Cloud Symposium (App>Cloud) track.

Are We Reaching the End of the Useful Life For Storage Networks?

Dwayne Crawford, Product Line Mgr., Belden

Three major changes are well underway which are undermining the usefulness of building and maintaining dedicated storage networks within the data center. 25G coupled with RoCE and full mesh topologies are challenging the need for having physically distinct overlay (Data + Storage) networks in a modern facility, let’s have a closer look.

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Coffee Break, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Expo Hall

Will Data Residency Regulatory Requirements Fuel Growth & Opportunity in Canada’s Data Centre Sector?

J. Mark MacDonald, Founder/CEO, Canada151 Data Centers John Savageau, President, Enterprise Architect, Pacific-Tier Communications Robert Offley, President & CEO, CentriLogic Scott Metcalfe, VP, Data Centre Advisory Group, JLL Strahan McCarten, Sr. VP, Product Dev. & Stgy, Q9 Networks

Data sovereignty or residency -- how best does, and how quickly can, the Canadian data centre industry – particularly hosting, colocation and cloud service providers – address the opportunity presented by this hot-button issue? Beginning now, in both the European Union and in Canada (with the passage in Ottawa of Digital Privacy Act), an estimated 4,500-plus US tech companies – including all major cloud providers (IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, AWS, Google, HP, etc.) need to address this. Indeed, Microsoft’s new Toronto and Quebec City builds are driven, large measure, by data residency requirements.

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IoT/E and The Meaning of The Digital Enterprise

Faud Khan, CEO & Chief Security Analyst, TwelveDot Loreto Saccucci, CEO, Bluerover Inc. Mary Allen, Mng. Dir., Neil Bhattacharya, Principal Dir., Accenture Scott Everett, CTO, Eigen Innovations

Power, integration and ubiquity: the IT landscape is defined by cloud, mobility and analytics technologies that will support new levels of IT awareness and control. With IoT, leading organizations are combining IT and OT in ways that will stretch the definitions of technology and business – and which will provide strategic challenge and opportunity for organizations in virtually all industry sectors.

Reshaping IT Roles and Responsibilities

Heidi Hauver, VP, Human Resources, Pythian Pamela Ritchie, PhD, Dean, Business & IT, UOIT Paul Hudson, VP, StoneWood Group Sandra Saric, VP, Talent Innovation, ICTC

The traditional IT role has broadened. These team members are the new direct link to the business- they understand the customer’s point of view and bridge business and technology development. How can you ensure your enterprise is prepared to meet the challenges of constantly upgrading skills needed? Can existing enterprise IT personnel make the shift or does it require a new staff with new skills and attitude? How do you balance the mix of people as you grow? How has this gradual evolution create a new learning pattern for the future engineer?

Lunch and Networking in the Expo Hall

Plenary Panel: In the Digital Enterprise Transformation, is the Digital CMO the New Sheriff in Town?

Heather Tulk, CCO, MTS Allstream Jonah Sigel, VP, Digital Exp., Holt Renfrew Mike May, CIO, Progressive Waste Solutions Paul Lewis, CTO, Head of Analytics, Hitachi Canada Shane O'Neil, CTO, Exchange Solutions Taimour Zaman, Founder, One Million Acts of Education Terence Donnelly, CMO, MDC Partners

The game has changed. The IoE, Big Data and Analytics, Streaming Content, Interactivity, Mobility -- these "3d Platform" trends now define the evolving role for the Chief Marketing Officer. In this new world order the role of CMO is increasingly intertwined with the enterprise CIO/CTO. The impact on "full-stack" IT/Networks and Critical Environment infrastructure is profound. Colocation and cloud data center capacity and service providers are well aware of this. Data center workloads are quickly shifting from traditional processing to being more applications-oriented, time-to-market agile and hyperscale. Low-latency/high-speed networks are the new normal. And corporate growth becomes increasingly Internet-facing and data-driven. As the "Digital CMO" rises, what new requirements are placed on IT and data center infrastructure and operations? How does the shift to Cloud Services and DevOps impact traditional IT services delivery? What lessons are we learning?
Session takes place on the main stage in the Cloud Symposium (App>Cloud) track.

Plenary Keynote Fireside Chat: The Needs of the Modern Enterprise

Michael O’Neil, Principal Analyst, Insight-as-a-Service Terry Canning, Sr. VP, Enterprise Business Unit Ops, Rogers Communications

Discuss the needs of the modern enterprise – from infrastructure, internet hosting, applications hosting, to the cloud (and even IoT).
Session takes place on the main stage in the Cloud Symposium (App>Cloud) track.

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