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Nov 10 2015

Registration and Breakfast in the Expo Hall

Plenary Keynote: Canadian Cloud, 2015 and Beyond— Orchestrating Success

AJ Byers, President, JEDTech Group Matt Ambrose, Technology Advisory Ldr, PCS, PwC Michael O’Neil, Principal Analyst, Insight-as-a-Service Roy Hart, CIO, Seneca College Stewart Lyons, CEO, TeraGo Networks

Cloud offers Canadian enterprises a way of automating tasks, processes and relationships that makes Canadian business more profitable, more agile and more connected. But cloud adoption requires new levels of -- and approaches to -- both technology and business What are the keys to connecting the dots between technology and business?
Session takes place on the main stage in the Cloud Symposium (App>Cloud) track.

Coffee Break, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Expo Hall

Solution Stage: Cutting Costs And Saving Time With Data Center Automation

Richard Ungar, Data Center Automation, North America, ABB

Whether you’re building a new data center and looking for an integrated automation solution to reduce your build time, or you have an existing data center and you’re looking for ways to cut operational expenses and increase efficiency, Decathlon for Data Centers’ industrial heritage and layered software gives you access to the tools and information you need.  This presentation will show some of the features that are saving ABB’s DCIM customers time and money, today.

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Solution Stage: Zinc Whisker Growth Phenomena In Data Centers & How To Prevent It

William J. Smith, Prod. Mgr., Fittings & Conduit, Thomas & Betts

Those involved in the design, construction and maintenance of data centers are well aware of the devastating effects zinc whiskers can have on critical IT systems.

Zinc whiskers are hair-like crystals that sometimes grow outward from objects coated with zinc films that provide corrosion protection to the underlying metal (e.g., iron, steel).

Common data center components that have been documented to grow zinc whiskers are:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe and structural elements
  • Zinc-coated raised floor tiles
  • Zinc-coated cable tray structures
  • Wire wrap terminals
  • Hardware such as nuts, bolts, chassis, etc.

This presentation examines this phenomenon, the problems it can cause to data centers and suggests solutions to minimize or eliminate this threat via proper specification of base materials and plating/coating choices.

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Lunch, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Expo Hall

Plenary Panel: In the Digital Enterprise Transformation, is the Digital CMO the New Sheriff in Town?

Heather Tulk, CCO, MTS Allstream Jonah Sigel, VP, Digital Exp., Holt Renfrew Mike May, CIO, Progressive Waste Solutions Paul Lewis, CTO, Head of Analytics, Hitachi Canada Shane O'Neil, CTO, Exchange Solutions Taimour Zaman, Founder, One Million Acts of Education Terence Donnelly, CMO, MDC Partners

The game has changed. The IoE, Big Data and Analytics, Streaming Content, Interactivity, Mobility -- these "3d Platform" trends now define the evolving role for the Chief Marketing Officer. In this new world order the role of CMO is increasingly intertwined with the enterprise CIO/CTO. The impact on "full-stack" IT/Networks and Critical Environment infrastructure is profound. Colocation and cloud data center capacity and service providers are well aware of this. Data center workloads are quickly shifting from traditional processing to being more applications-oriented, time-to-market agile and hyperscale. Low-latency/high-speed networks are the new normal. And corporate growth becomes increasingly Internet-facing and data-driven. As the "Digital CMO" rises, what new requirements are placed on IT and data center infrastructure and operations? How does the shift to Cloud Services and DevOps impact traditional IT services delivery? What lessons are we learning?
Session takes place on the main stage in the Cloud Symposium (App>Cloud) track.

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