Anni Lai

Head of Global Carrier Cloud Business Development

As the Head of Global Carrier Cloud Business Development,  Anni Lai is responsible for the company’s partner strategy and business relationships between Huawei and its strategic partners. Ms. Lai has over 15 years of industry experience working for successful companies such as Oracle,, Fast Search and Transfer (acquired by Microsoft), Savvis (acquired by Centurylink), and Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle). While working for Huawei, Ms Lai has met and provided business consulting to carriers in EMEA, APAC, and Latin America in their ICT transformation and cloud monetisation and presented the latest carrier cloud technology and business trends in various industry conferences and forums. Ms. Lai holds a BA in Computer Science from Rutgers University, and a MS in Computer Science from San Jose State University. Ms. Lai is currently based in silicon valley, CA