Scott Andrus

注册通信分配设计师, 企业网络全球市场发展总监

Scott joined Corning Optical Communications in 1990 as graduate from North Carolina State University with a BS in Electrical Engineering.   

Scott started his career in Engineering Services as a Field Engineer, where he spliced and terminated fiber optic cable, and taught hands-on training courses.   He then became a Systems Engineer where he was responsible for helping customers design fiber for use in their Local Area Networks.  His experience was then used to manage the training department where he authored hands-on and design training courses.

In 1996 Scott joined the Enterprise Sales Department, as a Field Sales Engineer.  He held various positions in Enterprise Sales and Sales Management.  His understanding of customer needs and the ability to translate those needs to solutions enabled him to successfully service LAN and some of the first DC customers.

In 2007 Scott joined the Enterprise Market Development Team as a Market Manager.  In his current role Scott and his team are responsible for developing new products and services for the data center market.  The teams work consists of standards participation, extensive discussions with customers, as well as transceiver, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel switch vendors.   This has enabled Corning Optical Communications to provide valued optical connectivity solutions all over the world.