Accolades from 2015 DCD Enterprise Attendees

Accolades from 2015 DCD Enterprise Attendees

"DCD delivers on another superbly executed event with Converged Enterprise in NY.  Great roster of speakers, highly engaged attendees, great venue and attentive staff.  Bravo. Well done!”  Joe Schwartz, CRO, RampRate

....and more!!

“The DCD Converged Enterprise NYC Conference attracts high quality speakers and attendees and is a solid investment of time and money for Enterprise and Government Executives hoping to learn and shape the technology trends."  Vishal Gupta, Chief Internet-of-Things Officer, Silent Circle

“Attending the DCD Converged Data Center Conference was informative and provided content that was relevant for both the technology and facilities professionals as well as the executive decision makers. I attend many conferences as a core part of my professional career and it is always encouraging when conference planners take a customer-centric approach to plan a conference from the ‘end users’ perspective. In addition to the great flow of content, the DCD team was so very supportive, informed and upbeat which adds incredible value to the overall conference experience. Lastly, their state-of-the-art conference mobile application and strategic signage kept the attendees on schedule and aligned with their sessions of interest. I look forward to attending more DCD sponsored conferences and events in the future.”  Jem Pagan, Director of Technology Strategy, JNK Securities

“Great job, it was a good location and good agenda selection.  I was impressed with the amount of time offered to us to network with the exhibitors and peers.”  Michael Ambeliotis, Data Center Manager, Waters Corporation

“The best industry event of the year for Data Center up to date trends and networking.” William O’Keefe, Supervising Engineer II, Senior Associate, Syska Hennessy

“There is no better annual data center learning event than DCD for innovation, thought provocation, knowledge sharing and networking.” John Zbikowski, Senior Systems Engineer, Data Center Solutions, Schneider Electric

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