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Mar 17 2015

Move Beyond Availability with DCIM

Mark Hurley, Data Center Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric

Data centers are increasingly adopting virtualization and reaping the benefits of cloud computing, and in the process adding additional layers of complexity to the physical infrastructure. Balancing supply and demand is no longer a simple task, and many companies have identified data center infrastructure management (DCIM) as the tool to bridge the gap between facilities and IT. Hear our customers’ take on DCIM – deployment, operations and lifecycle management.

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Implications of Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social Computing on a Data Center Infrastructure

Mike Hogan, Site & Facilities, Technical Specialist, IBM

Four distinct yet increasingly interconnected technology trends--cloud computing, mobile technology, social collaboration and analytics--are reshaping business and marking a turning point for IT. These technologies are rendering traditional data center facility strategies unsustainable or even obsolete. Learn about the space, power and cooling implications of these trends, and the techniques that IBM is using to help companies build data centers that hold up in the face of such disruptive technologies.

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Why Data Center Strategies Fail

Kevin Sanders, VP, Data Center Facilities Consulting, HP

What do current technology roadmaps and trends tell us about what your IT and data center infrastructure will be? What would be on your wish list? We’ll look at each of the major infrastructure areas: network, server, storage, power, cooling, convergence, and cloud. Who knows, you may and give best guesses at what would be the winning designs and strategies. Where will you put your money?   

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If Your Future is Hybrid, How Do You Model Your Options to Exactly Map Your Enterprise Needs?

Vishal Mehra, Distinguished Technical Staff Member, Texas Instruments

Hybrid IaaS can deliver agility, availability and scalability without over or under provisioning. The right model is as much business strategy as it is technology architecture. On-premise, co-lo and public cloud facilities are now all on you capacity palette.  Accelerate your hybrid journey using Agile and DevOps practices. In this session, hear how you can gain the performance, services and scale you need.

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Virtualization, Commoditization and the Cloud Are Changing How We Consolidate and Migrate

Bob Hintze, Director, Institutional Technology, TIAA-CREF Frank D. Muscarello, CEO, MarkITx John O'Connor, Manager, Datacenter Operations, Bloomberg Shawn Mills, President, Green House Data

Best practices for planning and executing a consolidation today have changed. While having the right team, plan and process are still essential, new approaches to the secondary market for legacy equipment and implementation of cloud and virtual environments is making Opex and Capex goals more achievable. The challenge comes in coordinating these new elements to maximize total return on IT investments.

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Planning and Execution Strategies to Maximize your Data Center Investment

Tony Walker, Data Center Strategy & Business Development, TE Connectivity

Upgrading an aging data center takes costly time and capital.  Proper planning and the right solution decisions will help protect your data center investment to easily migrate to meet your business’ needs. This session covers the importance of planning and designing your facility for the long term to maximize your investment.  We will discuss the importance of the passive infrastructure ecosystem and the proper migration strategy to get the most out of your data center.

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