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Mar 17 2015

If the Future Is "Open," Where Is Your Enterprise on the Journey?

Cole Crawford, Chair, StackingIT, CEO, Vapor IO Eric Wells, VP, Data Center Services , Fidelity Investments Grant Richard, Global Engineering, Operations & Provisioning, Goldman Sachs

Open-source comes to the data center. Cloud Infrastructure and operating system convergence are driving costs down; and boosting time-to-market speed, agility, scalability and efficiency. IT sourcing, procurement and provisioning benefit by becoming more transparent with less friction. Is this Disruptive or evolutionary? Necessary? Inevitable? If so, how ready, today, is your enterprise? Where are you on the journey to openness? What direction do you intend to take?

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Open Compute Project

Why Data Center Strategies Fail

Kevin Sanders, VP, Data Center Facilities Consulting, HP

What do current technology roadmaps and trends tell us about what your IT and data center infrastructure will be? What would be on your wish list? We’ll look at each of the major infrastructure areas: network, server, storage, power, cooling, convergence, and cloud. Who knows, you may and give best guesses at what would be the winning designs and strategies. Where will you put your money?   

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Global Technology Transformation -- for Estee Lauder’s CTO, It’s (Mostly) About People

Rhonda Vetere, CTO, The Estée Lauder Companies

Estee Lauder is a $26.4B fashion and cosmetics behemoth, ranked the 15th most- innovative and the 100th most valuable global brand by Forbes (2013). This tech chief manages by the data, adjusting processes and aligning business with technology to meet to far-flung requirements. She shares innovation strategies and the opportunities for IT professionals to embrace change and expand their capabilities. Her bottom line? Technology leadership is all about the people.

IT + Networks

Virtualization, Commoditization and the Cloud Are Changing How We Consolidate and Migrate

Bob Hintze, Director, Institutional Technology, TIAA-CREF Frank D. Muscarello, CEO, MarkITx John O'Connor, Manager, Datacenter Operations, Bloomberg Shawn Mills, President, Green House Data

Best practices for planning and executing a consolidation today have changed. While having the right team, plan and process are still essential, new approaches to the secondary market for legacy equipment and implementation of cloud and virtual environments is making Opex and Capex goals more achievable. The challenge comes in coordinating these new elements to maximize total return on IT investments.

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