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Mar 17 2015

If the Future Is "Open," Where Is Your Enterprise on the Journey?

Cole Crawford, Chair, StackingIT, CEO, Vapor IO Eric Wells, VP, Data Center Services , Fidelity Investments Grant Richard, Global Engineering, Operations & Provisioning, Goldman Sachs

Open-source comes to the data center. Cloud Infrastructure and operating system convergence are driving costs down; and boosting time-to-market speed, agility, scalability and efficiency. IT sourcing, procurement and provisioning benefit by becoming more transparent with less friction. Is this Disruptive or evolutionary? Necessary? Inevitable? If so, how ready, today, is your enterprise? Where are you on the journey to openness? What direction do you intend to take?

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The 3 C’s to Riding Out the IoT Wave: Capacity, Control and Collection

Peter Gilbert, VP, Strategy, Infrastructure Management , CA Technologies Robert Agar, VP, Enterprise Mission Critical Facilities Services, Eaton William Dougherty, CTO, RagingWire

The IoT wave is predicted to deliver 30 billion new connected devices. That’s a lot of new data fighting for capacity with existing enterprise systems. How will you process IoT data points based on business needs? Will you need to deploy a more forward-looking capacity management platform?  Should it include a DCIM to align IT and operations?  Ride the wave. 

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Will 380 VDC Power in the Data Center Gain Traction?

Christopher M. Johnston, Senior VP, National Critical Facilities Chief Engineer, Syska Hennessy Group Dennis Cronin, COO, Steel ORCA Keiichi Hirose, PhD, Executive Manager , NTT Facilities Kevin O'Brien, President, Mission Critical Services, Electronic Environments Corporation Peter Gross, VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy

This panel will discuss the pros and cons of 380 VDC in the data center. Is DC power an upcoming trend or just a fad? Where are the 380 VDC data center facilities located today? What are the operating costs of DC compared to AC and what’s more efficient? Will services and maintenance be easier with 380 VDC or not? What are the safety factors you need to work with in a “live DC environment? What are the challenges for 380VDC implementation in either a new data center or existing one? What about integration with alternative energy sources?

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Electronic Environments Corporation

Why Data Center Strategies Fail

Kevin Sanders, VP, Data Center Facilities Consulting, HP

What do current technology roadmaps and trends tell us about what your IT and data center infrastructure will be? What would be on your wish list? We’ll look at each of the major infrastructure areas: network, server, storage, power, cooling, convergence, and cloud. Who knows, you may and give best guesses at what would be the winning designs and strategies. Where will you put your money?   

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Realize DCIM’s Promise by Building a Power Monitoring and Management Strategy

Chris Beers, Senior Director, Edge Critical Infrastructure, Time Warner Cable Philip Fischer, Global Data Center Segment Manager, Eaton Robert Agar, VP, Enterprise Mission Critical Facilities Services, Eaton

A key question being asked today is if DCIM can manage data center infrastructure. Generally speaking, no one solution offers all features needed to keep critical power components operating at peak efficiency. This session will cover the components of a complete power monitoring and management strategy and how to select the best one for your needs. You’ll also get insights from data center operators who have tackled this same challenge.

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Enterprise IT Transformation is the Big Winner in the Battle of the Cloud Giants. Here’s Why

Michael O’Neil, Principal Analyst,

Every app has its own unique requirements for agility and scalability; for time-to-market; for ROI and TCO. The demands for batch processing are night-and-day from a Web application or from workflow and business process management. The cloud wars raging between AWS, Azure, Softlayer and other players give enterprise IT customer’s ample opportunity to find the best home for their apps. One size does not fit all – and no longer has to.

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Virtualization, Commoditization and the Cloud Are Changing How We Consolidate and Migrate

Bob Hintze, Director, Institutional Technology, TIAA-CREF Frank D. Muscarello, CEO, MarkITx John O'Connor, Manager, Datacenter Operations, Bloomberg Shawn Mills, President, Green House Data

Best practices for planning and executing a consolidation today have changed. While having the right team, plan and process are still essential, new approaches to the secondary market for legacy equipment and implementation of cloud and virtual environments is making Opex and Capex goals more achievable. The challenge comes in coordinating these new elements to maximize total return on IT investments.

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