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Mar 17 2015

Registration and Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

All-Conference Keynote: The Perfect Storm Intensifies - The Convergence of BigData, Cloud and the Internet of Things is Now at Full Strength

Mac Devine, VP/CTO, SDN & Innovation Services, Cloud Division (SoftLayer), IBM

Almost everyone sees the potential of Internet of Things but how can businesses truly unlock that potential. The key will be in the ability to discover business insight in the midst of an ocean of Big Data generated from billions of embedded devices via Systems of Discover. Businesses will also need to ensure that they can sustain that insight by leveraging the cloud for global reach, scale and elasticity. Without bringing these three elements together via Systems of Discover you either end up with an Internet of something and/or a big mess of data.  


Morning Coffee Break, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Exhibit Hall

Opening Remarks from the Chair

Barry Novick , Consultant, BlackRock

Bullet Proof Your Migration of Core, Mission Critical Apps to the Cloud

Joseph Schwartz, CRO, RampRate Sourcing Advisors

Astute CIOs today understand that cloud migration benefits can be quantified financially and operationally. Indeed, it will likely become core to the data center capacity strategy. Such migrations come with risk elements that require diligent planning to ensure success. Ultimate business success may depend on how quickly and sure-footedly you plan and manage your migration. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and gain the full benefits.


How IT Can be Essential in Your Company’s Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Tony Chiofalo , Cloud Solutions Executive, IBM

IT leaders are under increasing pressure to innovate and leverage IT as a business differentiator for the company, yet 80% of IT budgets are spent keeping the lights on.  All the while, lines of business are increasingly adopting cloud-point-solutions, sometimes without even involving IT until it’s too late.  IT leaders can get ahead of this trend by leveraging the data center to deliver a cohesive dynamic hybrid cloud strategy.


If Your Future is Hybrid, How Do You Model Your Options to Exactly Map Your Enterprise Needs?

Vishal Mehra, Distinguished Technical Staff Member, Texas Instruments

Hybrid IaaS can deliver agility, availability and scalability without over or under provisioning. The right model is as much business strategy as it is technology architecture. On-premise, co-lo and public cloud facilities are now all on you capacity palette.  Accelerate your hybrid journey using Agile and DevOps practices. In this session, hear how you can gain the performance, services and scale you need.


Lunch, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Exhibit Hall

Enterprise IT Transformation is the Big Winner in the Battle of the Cloud Giants. Here’s Why

Michael O’Neil, Principal Analyst,

Every app has its own unique requirements for agility and scalability; for time-to-market; for ROI and TCO. The demands for batch processing are night-and-day from a Web application or from workflow and business process management. The cloud wars raging between AWS, Azure, Softlayer and other players give enterprise IT customer’s ample opportunity to find the best home for their apps. One size does not fit all – and no longer has to.


Networking Drinks Reception in the Exhibit Hall

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Join your peers for drinks, food, and music at this exclusive soiree held on the 9th floor in the Broadway Lounge.  Guiness will flow, food will abound, music will play, and there will be great prizes to win in our own LUCKY DIP, sponsored by AKF.

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