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Mar 17 2015

Registration and Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

All-Conference Keynote: The Perfect Storm Intensifies - The Convergence of BigData, Cloud and the Internet of Things is Now at Full Strength

Mac Devine, VP/CTO, SDN & Innovation Services, Cloud Division (SoftLayer), IBM

Almost everyone sees the potential of Internet of Things but how can businesses truly unlock that potential. The key will be in the ability to discover business insight in the midst of an ocean of Big Data generated from billions of embedded devices via Systems of Discover. Businesses will also need to ensure that they can sustain that insight by leveraging the cloud for global reach, scale and elasticity. Without bringing these three elements together via Systems of Discover you either end up with an Internet of something and/or a big mess of data.  


Opening Remarks from the Chair

Robert F. Sullivan, PhD, Consultant, Cooling & Energy Efficient Computer Rooms

Move Beyond Availability with DCIM

Mark Hurley, Data Center Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric

Data centers are increasingly adopting virtualization and reaping the benefits of cloud computing, and in the process adding additional layers of complexity to the physical infrastructure. Balancing supply and demand is no longer a simple task, and many companies have identified data center infrastructure management (DCIM) as the tool to bridge the gap between facilities and IT. Hear our customers’ take on DCIM – deployment, operations and lifecycle management.

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Morning Coffee Break, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Exhibit Hall

Will 380 VDC Power in the Data Center Gain Traction?

Christopher M. Johnston, Senior VP, National Critical Facilities Chief Engineer, Syska Hennessy Group Dennis Cronin, COO, Steel ORCA Keiichi Hirose, PhD, Executive Manager , NTT Facilities Kevin O'Brien, President, Mission Critical Services, Electronic Environments Corporation Peter Gross, VP, Mission Critical Systems, Bloom Energy

This panel will discuss the pros and cons of 380 VDC in the data center. Is DC power an upcoming trend or just a fad? Where are the 380 VDC data center facilities located today? What are the operating costs of DC compared to AC and what’s more efficient? Will services and maintenance be easier with 380 VDC or not? What are the safety factors you need to work with in a “live DC environment? What are the challenges for 380VDC implementation in either a new data center or existing one? What about integration with alternative energy sources?

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Electronic Environments Corporation


The Industrialization of the Data Center: Setting the New Standard

Glenn Wishnew, Product Manager, Rittal

The IT space has matured, yet, standardization is still hard to come by. The core group of products – Termination, Network, Server/Storage share much in common. The process, however; is still unique for each site, leading to inefficiencies while hand-picking each component. Leaving the basic system approach behind, the Industrialization of the Data Center moves beyond selecting individual components, resulting in a comprehensive solution and incorporating products into one deliverable.

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Realize DCIM’s Promise by Building a Power Monitoring and Management Strategy

Chris Beers, Senior Director, Edge Critical Infrastructure, Time Warner Cable Philip Fischer, Global Data Center Segment Manager, Eaton Robert Agar, VP, Enterprise Mission Critical Facilities Services, Eaton

A key question being asked today is if DCIM can manage data center infrastructure. Generally speaking, no one solution offers all features needed to keep critical power components operating at peak efficiency. This session will cover the components of a complete power monitoring and management strategy and how to select the best one for your needs. You’ll also get insights from data center operators who have tackled this same challenge.

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Lunch, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Exhibit Hall

Resiliency Concerns (Unjustifiably?) Waylay Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Chris Terceira, Director, Engineering, NBC Universal David Fiedler, Datacenter Operations, Design & Build Manager, Dropbox John Clinger, Senior Consultant, ICF International Julius Neudorfer, CTO & Founder, North American Access Technologies

Energy efficiency success is only measured by the breadth and depth of user adoption of initiatives, such as Energy Star, that drive down carbon-soaked power consumption. A concern oft-expressed by data center operators is that efficiency comes at the expense of resiliency and capital cost. This panel explores the dynamic between resiliency and the desire to reduce the per-Watt consumption of IT gear.

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Planning and Execution Strategies to Maximize your Data Center Investment

Tony Walker, Data Center Strategy & Business Development, TE Connectivity

Upgrading an aging data center takes costly time and capital.  Proper planning and the right solution decisions will help protect your data center investment to easily migrate to meet your business’ needs. This session covers the importance of planning and designing your facility for the long term to maximize your investment.  We will discuss the importance of the passive infrastructure ecosystem and the proper migration strategy to get the most out of your data center.

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TE Connectivity


Networking Drinks Reception in the Exhibit Hall

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Join your peers for drinks, food, and music at this exclusive soiree held on the 9th floor in the Broadway Lounge.  Guiness will flow, food will abound, music will play, and there will be great prizes to win in our own LUCKY DIP, sponsored by AKF.

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