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Mar 17 2015

Registration and Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall

All-Conference Keynote: The Perfect Storm Intensifies - The Convergence of BigData, Cloud and the Internet of Things is Now at Full Strength

Mac Devine, VP/CTO, SDN & Innovation Services, Cloud Division (SoftLayer), IBM

Almost everyone sees the potential of Internet of Things but how can businesses truly unlock that potential. The key will be in the ability to discover business insight in the midst of an ocean of Big Data generated from billions of embedded devices via Systems of Discover. Businesses will also need to ensure that they can sustain that insight by leveraging the cloud for global reach, scale and elasticity. Without bringing these three elements together via Systems of Discover you either end up with an Internet of something and/or a big mess of data.  


Interactive Workshop: Hands-on Holistic Data Center Design Clinic Featuring Belden Data Center Ready Solutions and Experts

Michael Salvador , Technical Solutions Manager, Belden

Understanding the technology that drives business today and preparing for the future requires a new approach to data center design. The holistic approach discusses the need for in-depth analysis of the data center to create an energy efficient, scalable, agile, and flexible design. This workshop provides displays and demos that will show how the cabling infrastructure fits into this approach as well as access to Belden's team of experts and the opportunity to get familiar with the Belden solutions within Fiber, Copper, and Infrastructure products.

This workshop is being held on the 5th floor in the Security + Risk Hall (Booth/Edison rooms).

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Morning Coffee Break, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Exhibit Hall

Solution Stage 1: Infrastructure as a Platform, Building Blocks for Data Center Interoperability

Matt Powers, VP, Global Technology Marketing, Anixter

Anixter will present on the 5 key subsystems of physical infrastructure in the data center, including Risk Management, Network Migration, Power Optimization, Thermal Efficiency and DCIM Enablement. These are the building blocks for data center interoperability which Anixter is delivering in a series of global webinars, reports, application guides and videos throughout 2015. 

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Solution Stage 2: The Data Center Revolution- Simple is Better

Steven Carlini, Global Director of Data Center Solution Marketing, Schneider Electric

When it comes to designing, building, and operating mission-critical data centers, simple is better. Data centers are faster and more cost effective to build, and more reliable with lower total cost of ownership (TCO), when they start with a dramatically simplified design and build process that incorporates these elements: reference designs, pre-fabricated/modular architecture, and a design and build company that brings comprehensive capabilities into play with coordinated planning around software, operations, and service.

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Solution Stage 1: Generator Paralleling Without a Master Control Panel

Thomas Vagts , Manager, Corporate Accounts, MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Generator control panels have the ability to parallel generators to each other and the utility.  No master control panel is necessary.  The MTU control panel (manufactured by Basler) uses a manager protocol to determine which controller is managing the system.  To further increase reliability, the controllers have redundant Ethernet connections for load sharing and communications.  The programmable logic allows the system to provide load control if the generators are over loaded or demand control to shut generators off when loads are low.

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MTU Onsite Energy

Solution Stage 2: Getting Ahead of the Density Curve in the Data Center with Server Technology

Travis Irons, Director, Engineering and Product Management, Server Technology

A number of factors in today’s market are driving the data center operator to increase density and operational loading of the compute infrastructure. These factors include the need to reduce both capital and operational expenditures, improve energy efficiency (lower PUE), avoidance of new build-out, reduction of latency times, and better management of network traffic flow.

We will cover the challenges that you need to overcome and top solutions available today.  Learn more about High Density Outlet Technology with Travis Irons. 

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Server Technology

Lunch, Networking and Solution Stage Presentations in the Exhibit Hall

Solution Stage 2: Maximize your data center performance with 6SigmaDCX

Matt Warner, PhD, Development Manager, Future Facilities

DCX places the power of data center simulation and modelling at your fingertips. Already recognized as the best-in-class CFD software for data center professionals, DCX will now take center stage as the easiest to use too. Combining simplicity and ease of use with world renowned predictive simulation use DCX to check your plans in the risk-free Virtual Facility, and then commit to them with confidence. Join us for a live demo today to see what DCX can do for you.

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Future Facilities

Solution Stage 1: Micro Metering Solutions – The Next Evolution of Sub-Metering

Dan Laurent , Mid-Atlantic Region Business Development Manager, Siemens

In this presentation, Siemens new SEM3 Micro Metering product will be covered.  Applications, as well as the advantages over conventional sub-metering, will be discussed, showing the benefits of Embedded Metering as an economical solution for sub-metering loads to meet cost allocation, billing, load balancing, LEED Certification, and other end user requirements.

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Solution Stage 2: Does Your DCIM Do “What If” Analysis?

Sev Onyshkevych, CMO, FieldView Solutions

This session will introduce FieldView 2015, a complete, 100% rewrite of FieldView Solutions’ DCIM application.  FieldView 2015 includes an updated, more efficient interface with a refreshed look and feel, and many dashboard and capacity analysis enhancements.  It also features three new optional modules:  PowerView, the industry’s most sophisticated “What If?” analysis tool, DataView and LiveView, a data warehouse and an API which grant easy access to warehoused and live data.   

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Fieldview Solutions

Solution Stage 1: Reinventing Rack Transfer Switches

David Wood, Director, Power Business, Raritan

Join David Wood, Director of Raritan’s Power Business, as he showcases the next generation of the company’s rack transfer switches. Last year, Raritan introduced a groundbreaking hybrid transfer system, which offers transfer times of 4 to 8ms while eliminating the risk of failure due to electrical arcing.  Now, it will be the first to offer inlet, outlet, and branch circuit level power metering; and outlet-level switching for remote power control. 

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Raritan, Inc

Networking Drinks Reception in the Exhibit Hall

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Join your peers for drinks, food, and music at this exclusive soiree held on the 9th floor in the Broadway Lounge.  Guiness will flow, food will abound, music will play, and there will be great prizes to win in our own LUCKY DIP, sponsored by AKF.

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