Peter M. Curtis

Power Management Concepts

Peter Curtis is the founder of Power Management Concepts, LLC, an Engineering, Research and Technology Company. He’s earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electro-Mechanical Computer Technology and a MS in Energy Management from NYIT. Mr. Curtis has over thirty years of experience in the Mission Critical Engineering industry in the areas of Banking/Finance, Defense, Electric/Water Utilities, Transportation, Energy Management, Education and Product Development.

Mr. Curtis has served as Vice President of Critical Systems for Bankers Trust/Deutsche Bank, in addition to having held Engineering positions with the Securities Industry Automation Company (SIAC), the Suffolk County Water Authority, Sperry Corporation, Long Island Lighting Company and Liebert. Mr. Curtis was responsible for critical systems design, construction, operations, and energy for multi-megawatt infrastructures.

Since 1994 Mr. Curtis has been an Associate Professor at New York Institute of Technology and currently serving as Chairman of NYIT Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center Advisory Board focusing on hands on research and product execution for the Smart Grid and Cyber Security Industries. He continues to provide online educational courses that concentrate on: Mission Critical Operations and Management, Energy Security/Efficiency an, Energy Equipment Assessment, and New Products and Technology for NYIT and Marist College. Since 1998 Mr. Curtis has been principal author for the IEEE, where he has written "An Introduction to Mission Critical Facilities Operations". In 2011 Wiley/IEEE published his second book "Maintaining Mission Critical Systems in a 24/7 Environment" with which includes “Green Energy” and “Energy Security” for critical infrastructures.

Mr. Curtis has been at the forefront of developing and integrating new technology for the mission critical industry with the overall goal or reducing human error . These technologies include: M.C. Access™, SmartWalk™ and the Green Bus™, as well as the educational foundations of critical infrastructure.